Summer + Back to School 2016 Try-on Clothing Haul

This summer clothing haul is way overdue as the season's coming to an end, so I thought I'd just call it a "back-to-school" haul as well. These past few months have been all about beach weather and outdoor activities, so you'll see tons of bohemian, festival-inspired pieces. Keep reading for everything I got for my summer + back to school wardrobe!
Drawstring Cargo Capris - Forever 21
I haven't been too fond of jeans these past couple months, so I got these cargo joggers that are just the right length for me. When I'm not sporting distressed or high-waisted shorts, these have been my go-to bottoms for the season.
Lace-Up Peasant Top in Blush - Forever 21
You guys have probably noticed by now that I go on full boho-chic mode the moment spring hits. I have quite a few pieces that resemble this dainty bohemian top, but the blush color caught my eye because I don't have anything quite like it in my closet. It's also a plus that it's a crop top with lace-up detailing!
Cutout Faux Leather Sandals in Brown - Forever 21
Pretty much 85% of my shoe collection is comprised of chunky-heeled booties and fall/winter shoes, so instead I got these strappy sandals for whenever I go somewhere that requires a lot of walking.
Shop Gracie USA Sarai Strappy Halters
If my strappy bralette collection from my previous haul alone wasn't enough to convince you that I have a problem, these new additions probably will. I got these dainty ones with tasteful strappy detailing in both Ivory and Black, which are the perfect pieces to layer under anything from basic tops to dressier ensembles. They've definitely been some of my spring/summer staples!
Strappy Bralette - UCI Vendor
This one's pretty similar, but I got it from one of the clothing vendors at UCI that come every couple months or so. I can never resist buying something whenever it's on campus, so I quickly copped this even when I really didn't need it.
Wet Seal Distressed Shorts
I actually got the exact same pair of these shorts in a different color around last summer, and to my surprise, they were back in stock at Wet Seal a year later. I remember really wanting this color but they didn't have my size back then, so I was super stoked that they had it this time! These have been my most used pair of distressed shorts since I bought it, and I'm sure it will make its way to my outfits all year round.
Wet Seal Racerback Sports Bra
I'm not one to wear sports bras mostly because they make my girls look 10x more nonexistent than they already are, but this one actually makes it look like there's something there. It's super comfortable despite being lined and padded and I love the lacy racerback detailing!
Buttoned A-Line SkirtFloral Lace Trim ShortsStriped Fringed Reversible Sweater Cardigan
Allegra K sent me a few pieces to style and these three were my top picks from their huge selections. Definitely check them out for super affordable items catered to young, chic professionals! 
Shop Sweet Mayhem Sydney Off Shoulder Top (White/Taupe)
Shop Sweet Mayhem has easily become one of my favorite online stores especially because of their spring collection. They had tons of boho pieces for the season, but as much as I wanted to buy 5 things from every category, they can get a liiiittle pricey for the quality. Nonetheless, they're super cute and I managed to grab one thing from their new arrivals at the time.
Windsor Bohemian Queen Belts in Brown & Black
I'm a sucker for anything with fringe especially around this season, so I got these belts for a huge discount at Windsor. The fringe and turquoise stone accents definitely scream festival season, and even though I didn't go to any festivals this year, I love to dress for the occasion because it speaks to my personal style the most.
Go Jane Buckle Down Faux Leather SandalsBlack
Not gonna lie, I used to think Birkenstocks were the ugliest kinds of shoes next to Crocs, but I guess people change? I don't know, maybe I was just in dire need of new flip flops but I didn't want to buy those basic rubber ones that you wear inside the house. I gotta say though, these things are growing on me even if it makes people wanna say, "WHAT ARE THOOOSE?!"
Selfie Leslie Cranesbill Maxi Dress
I had the honor of collaborating with Selfie Leslie a few months back and they sent me this gorgeous maxi dress that I certainly don't have anything similar of. It's such a unique piece because you can lounge around in its comfy material or make a statement at an elegant location. I highly recommend checking out their stuff because they've got the most stunning pieces for all you bohemian goddesses! You can now also find them at Forever 21's website, which I'm super stoked about because when I worked with them, they were literally just an up-and-coming brand trying to make their way into the fashion industry, and now they're featured in one of the biggest clothing companies!
eBay Boho Romper
I'm always on a never-ending hunt to find rompers that perfectly suit my little frame, but this is finally something that reached my standards. The cinched waistline makes the length extremely adjustable, so it ends up looking perfectly fitted for my height. Not to mention that the design is definitely right up my alley! This is probably my favorite romper of all time (as of now).
Lola Shoetique Desert Sights
Not that I needed any more booties in my collection, but... I needed another pair of booties in my collection. Lola Shoetique is my one-stop shop for stylish heels, and this pair's only one of the many that I've purchased from them.
OOTDFASH Betty Oversized Sweater, Icey Blue
If you've read my previous collective haul, this sweater might look familiar to you because, well, it's the exact same sweater - just in a different color. With basics like these, I can't help but stock up in multiple colors!
Wet Seal Turquoise Drop Head Chain
Wet Seal had a huge sale around April Fool's Day and I ended up copping these next four pieces I'll be talking about. This head chain was too pretty not to buy even though I'll never really find an occasion to style it other than for photo shoots. Nonetheless, it's a stunning accessory to play around with for the sake of picture-taking.
Wet Seal Slouchy Pocket TeeLight Gray Heather + Suede Tassel Choker Necklace
Slouchy V-necks are my go-to shirts for lazy summer days, so I got the same one in three different colors from Wet Seal. I also got this layered tassel choker necklace, which has been my favorite accessory the whole summer!
Wet Seal Off-The-Shoulder Floral Print Romper
This is one of those rompers that I bought simply because it miraculously fit me but I never ended up wearing it. There's just something about it that's not working for me, but I did find a way to make it a little more suited to my style by pairing it with a flowy maxi skirt. Check out my post here for full deets on this look!
Wet Seal Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Blouse With Crochet TrimChateau Gray
This season's all about off-the-shoulder tops and flowy feminine pieces if you're not into skimpy tight-fitting summer clothes, so here's a stunning blouse that I got in a unique pastel color which I definitely don't have in my closet. This top is the epitome of a classy spring look!
Wet Seal Essential Soft Surplice Romper
Sometimes I buy something simply because it fits me so well (which as you should know by now is a rarity) even though I'm not head over heels for it. This is one those things. I mean I love long-sleeved rompers, don't get me wrong, but I've never really reached for this one quite yet. It just doesn't have that special quality that all my rompers tend to have.
Wet Seal Knee Ripped Jeans
I've been looking for jeans with distressed knee slits and this happened to be the perfect pair because not only does it fit me in length, but it flatters my frame like no other pair does. I also love that it's super high-waisted, so it gives me a much nicer figure whenever I wear a crop top.

I collaborated with Remington once again, and this time I styled all these lovely hair accessories that are perfect for the summertime. Check out the post here!
I recently did a collab with Tobi in which they sent me four stunning pieces to play with. They're all quite different from each other but they definitely embody many aspects of my eclectic style. Check out my posts here for full details on these looks: Urban Gypsy, Contemporary Minimalist, Bohemian Edge.
Forever 21 Tasseled Open-Shoulder Romper, Red
As I said many times, whenever I find a romper that fits me in length, I grab it without hesitation because it's that much of a rarity, but most of the time, I never really end up wearing them. Once again, this is one of those things. I bought this months ago and I have yet to wear it, so I decided to just put it up for sale on Vinted and Poshmark
Forever 21 Floral Lace Bra
I love anything lacy and strappy when it comes to intimates, so I ordered this bralette hoping that it would have at least some sort of padding, but nope. It's completely sheer and unlined so I ended up selling it.
Most of my belts are starting to wear down, so I got these two sturdy ones to top off my favorite boho looks.
Forever 21 Cropped Sweater Cami, Mauve
I needed more cropped camis in my collection, so I got this lovely knit top that's perfect to layer under kimonos and oversized cardigans. I was tempted to get all the other colors but I had a set budget to stand by, so I just ended up getting it in mauve and beige.
Boohoo Tia Chunky Cleated Heel Chelsea Boot
Whenever I need a new pair of chunky booties, Boohoo's always my first stop. My first pair of Chelseas already started wearing down, so I got a similar one with cleated heels which is a lot more durable. The fit's not as nice as my previous one, but this will surely last me longer.
Boohoo Tanya Placement Print Off The Shoulder Woven Top
Whenever a unique piece captures my attention, I immediately grab it or put it in my cart. This black/gold off-shoulder top was definitely one of those items. I don't have anything quite like it in my closet, and the fact that it has some of my favorite features (off-the-shoulder, cropped, fringe, and bohemian prints) made it all the more desirable. I also got these extremely distressed jeans from Fashion Q and it's all I've been wearing whenever I feel like sporting an edgy look.
Fashion Q Oversized Cardigan, Taupe
I know it's hard to believe, but I actually don't own that many plain cardigans, so I got this nude oversized number that I immediately fell in love with. It has such a comfy fit and it's something I can easily wear throughout the year.
Fashion Q Off-Shoulder Lace-Up Crop Top
I also got this black, off-shoulder criss-cross crop top that I specifically bought for a funeral, but it's quite a versatile piece that I can pretty much pair it with anything for any occasion.
Love Culture Striped Crop Top
I realized that I don't really have a casual top that I can wear on its own, so when I came across this basic little crop top that was on sale for only $4, I quickly tried it on and loved it!
Women's Cup Romper, Black/Peach - Target
This was totally an impulse buy that I didn't even try on. I was suddenly on a hunt for a little sundress and I saw that this was surprisingly perfect for my height, so I just paid for it right off the bat. It's not the most summery print, so I'm still on a hunt for that perfect flowy sundress.
Forever 21 Babydoll Dress
I always find myself ordering something from Forever 21 whenever I get an email about some kind of promotion. I don't even remember what it was when I ordered these next few items, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't much of a discount. Anyway, here's a sundress I spotted while going on a hunt for the perfect one for the summer. It's a little long for my liking, so I tied up the back to make it look like a halter, which I actually prefer more.
Forever 21 Skinny Faux Leather Belt
I can never have too many belts, so I went ahead and added yet another one to my cart. All my skinny belts are pretty much worn down, so this was a nice versatile addition.
OOTDFASH Hanna Boho Crop Top
I love anything with bell sleeves and strappy detailing, so this top naturally stood out to me while I was browsing through ootdfash's website. It's super comfortable and fits me quite perfectly, so I'll be wearing this for sure all year.
Adidas Gear
My cousins and I huddled inside this huge Adidas sale at Westminster and I managed to score two pairs of shoes and a compression top. I was never into sportswear probably because they're usually super pricy, but this sale definitely converted me. I'll always be a heels girl, but I needed some walking shoes especially after the launch of Pokémon Go. Not to mention these black & red sneakers totally resemble a pokéball!
Fashion Q Dolphin Shorts
Speaking of workout clothes, I grabbed some gym shorts and sweats from Fashion Q because they were less than $10 and I needed some comfy bottoms for those super lazy days at school or just for chilling around the house.
Fashion Q Floral Off-Shoulder Crop Top
Also from Fashion Q, I got this floral off-the-shoulder crop top, which totally screams summer. I didn't even bother trying it on because I knew I'd wear it a ton throughout the season!
Olivia Structured Dome Bag
Nicole Lee USA sent me this stunning purse along with a complementary gift that I handed over to my mom. I don't have a brown bag quite like this, so I was super stoked when I received it. I can definitely bring it to school because there's so much space inside that I could probably fit my Macbook!
Forever 21 Floral Maxi Skirt
I never bothered to look into maxi skirts because I figured that all of them would be too long on me, but turns out midi skirts on a normal person fits perfectly on me as a maxi just like this one. This flowy gypsy skirt is right up my alley and it was the perfect beach coverup when I attended a beach house event in Malibu last month.
Forever 21 Pleated Eyelash Lace Skirt
I saw this online and wanted to get it so badly but I didn't wanna pay for shipping, so I went to the store instead and actually found it! This is such a gorgeous skirt with a stunning hem and lace detailing. I also love that it comes with shorts inside! It's super comfy as well and even though it seems like it's hard to style casually, I think I can pull up some dainty crop tops to pair with it.
Forever 21 Contemporary Paisley Kimono
I've just been on a crazy hunt for little summer dresses recently and this one was quite a pleasant find because it fits me perfectly. It's actually a romper underneath but the draping in the front makes it look like a dress. It's a super cute piece for a burning summer day and it's a great pop of color to add to my wardrobe. Also, not that I needed any more kimonos in my life, but this one seemed like an impeccable match for the romper. It's also not made of chiffon like most of my kimonos, so I find that I can easily wear this in the fall and winter as well because of the slightly thicker cotton material.
Lola Shoetique Sunset Shades, Tan
I can never get enough of chunky heels, so here's yet another addition to my eternally growing collection. As usual, it's a super comfy pair and I love that I can wear it with virtually any outfit.
I honestly don't know why I suddenly got into sportswear because the closest I ever get to exercising is walking around campus to get to my classes. This sports bra was super cute though and it was 21% off in honor of Olympics season!
I'm sure it's no surprise that I bought yet another summer dress/romper. I think Boohoo had a sale the time I ordered this, so I thought why not? It's one of my favorite online retailers after all!
Boohoo Emma Raglan Sleeve Crop Top
I'm definitely all about basics when it comes to lazy days or running errands, so baseball tees are a no-brainer essential on that list. The cropped fit of this number is perfect for all my high-waisted shorts and jeans, so I'll get a lot of use out of this one for sure.
Boohoo Carey Deep Plunge Neck
I also added this halter crop top to my cart just because I can never have too many standard crop tops in my closet. It's got a deep plunge neckline that gives me just the right excuse to style my favorite bralettes!
Printer Swing Tank, MauveBlue Asphalt Roll Cuff Crop Jeans, Dark Destroyed
Although summer's nearly coming to an end, I couldn't help but purchase one of the biggest summer wardrobe essentials that I don't own yet - a flowy tank top. It sounds like such a basic piece that you'd expect every girl to have in her closet, but for some reason, I never had one lying around... probably because all my tank tops are dainty strappy bralettes or tight-fitting crops. Anyway, this one's a really nice and feminine piece that I'd probably style with some ripped jeans to give it a little bit of edge. Also, because Wet Seal was offering free shipping on any jean purchase, I went ahead and ordered this along with the tank top. My love for jeans is slowly resurfacing, so this pair's quite a nice addition to my distressed bottom pieces.
Crochet Little White Dress - Ross Dress for Less
I think I just found the perfect little white dress for me and it's a shame that I found it now that summer's almost over. I love that I can wear this casually or formally and it's literally the perfect length for my height!
Shop Gracie USA Kimmy Plunge V-Neck Lace Up Plaid Top, Green
Last but not least, I got this vintage-esque plaid top with a really unique twist. It was too interesting to pass up, so I ended up ordering it from the site. This photo is obviously not me because I'm actually still waiting for it to come in the mail but I couldn't wait to post this haul already since it's been way too long!

Well, that wraps up my summer + back to school wardrobe for the year. I think I'm all set for the school year even though these aren't exactly fall/winter-appropriate. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this massive haul, or at least skimming through the pictures because I know I write way too much and not a lot of people got time for that.

'Til next time!



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