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I always like to dress a little artsy whenever I go to museums, and this jumpsuit from Tobi instantly became my top pick because it has such a classic and chic look that's perfect for a trip to a contemporary art setting. Read more for outfit details and a few photos under L.A.'s iconic Urban Lights!

I've been to LACMA perhaps one too many times, but it still remains one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles simply because it takes me back to all the fond memories from way back in high school when my Art History class would go on museum field trips. I didn't care much about fashion at the time nor did I see it as an actual form of art, but now that I've developed quite an individualized yet fluid sense of style, I thought I'd take advantage of this day to dress up for the occasion. Plus, it was Mother's Day and I went to a family gathering prior to exploring L.A. 

Anywho, I'm absolutely in love with this minimalistic outfit because the neutral color schemes mesh together perfectly and it's a great look for just about any refined event or setting. It almost feels empowering in a way to put together such a sophisticated and unique look that embodies class and a distinct style without having to make a bold statement. Sometimes, less really is more.

Don't forget to check out Tobi for more classic pieces like this in their Rompers and Jumpsuits sections. You can also get 50% off your first order, so shop away!

Catch you 'til my next one.
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