About Me

Hi! I'm Sonja, a 24-year-old OC-based blogger and a Registered Nurse with a penchant for fashion, beauty, and arts and crafts. 

After spending much of my childhood in the Philippines and living in Los Angeles, I moved to the lovely city of Irvine in Orange County where I attended UCI as a Nursing Science major. Regardless of the career path that I've pursued, I'll always have a profound appreciation for art because I grew up in a family of creative minds. Given this background, I mainly engage in the aesthetic aspect of art such as fashion, makeup, crafts, and some designing and photography. With fashion and writing as my main creative outlets and personal passions, I created this blog in which I hope to inspire other women to find themselves through style and beauty. You'll stumble upon many of my outfits, several DIY projects, makeup looks, tons of product reviews, occasional fashion advice, and some bits of lifestyle, so with that said, I hope you enjoy! 

Header illustration by Kristine Delicana


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