Unique Gift Ideas For Friends

Everyone knows of a friend who simply doesn't say anything when you ask what he or she wants for Christmas, so the best thing to do is to give something unconventional yet thoughtful. While DIYs are the most considerate presents, not everyone has time to put that much effort especially on such a busy holiday. With that said, here are some cool presents to consider!

Star projectors are perfect for those who always love to spice up their rooms... and perhaps to some who can't sleep without a night light. It's quite soothing and magical to fall asleep with a view this stunning! The great thing is that they're fairly cheap if you buy from Amazon. This one ranges from $2 to $4 (excluding the pricy shipping). There's a wide variety of lights to choose from, so search away!

How cute are these mugs?! You can never go wrong with this gift idea because it comes in incredibly awesome designs. You're bound to find something that's perfect for your friends! Plus, who doesn't drink coffee or hot chocolate every morning? 

For friends who aren't exactly close to you but nonetheless deserve something for the holidays, give them a Christmas card... but don't go for the normal ones! Urban Outfitters especially has some humorously obscene cards for those who enjoy that quirky stuff.

For the vintage junkies, it's all about quaint room decor and old-school novelty pieces. I'm sure they'll appreciate antique accessories, lanterns, records, or vintage cameras. Unfortunately, the downside is that anything vintage is most likely out of your typical gift-spending budget.

Here's for the cat lovers out there, a.k.a. 90% of the Tumblr population. If you have Tumblr friends, it's almost impossible for them to dislike these.

When in doubt, unicorn.

In a nutshell, have fun Christmas shopping for your friends. Think about their quirks and get something meaningful, things that define them and what they enjoy. 
Well, these are only a few ideas, but I hope you got some gift-giving inspiration from this post! 

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  2. SO many great ideas!! My dad would love that pour over - that's an awesome gift!!

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