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I've always wanted to get eyelash extensions because waking up with a full set of thick lashes would be pretty darn cool... and I don't have to go through the trouble of applying falsies or mascara every day. Luckily, the lovely Anna from Lashy With Me reached out to me and offered a free session. Keep reading for a closer look at these gorgeous Borboleta lash extensions as well as my whole experience with them so far!

Let's start off with the type of lashes that Anna used. I knew I wanted something thick and super curly but still fairly natural-looking, so she went with the Borboleta volume eyelash extensions with 0.07 D curls in thickness and 10-12mm in length. The length and curls are absolutely perfect for me especially when I'm wearing glasses because they don't hit the lenses at all, which is usually the main problem whenever I'm wearing strip falsies. My favorite part about these lashes is that I don't even feel the need to apply as much eye makeup anymore, and if you know me, I'm all about that dramatic winged eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow, but these new lashes are more than enough to enhance my eye shape. I also feel a lot more confident going makeup-free, which is pretty strange because I'm someone who always goes out with a full face of makeup.

Now a little bit about the process - I know it looks intimidating and uncomfortable but it actually doesn't feel like anything and Anna made the experience as pleasant as possible with her amiable presence. I was kept occupied the whole time as we got to know each other, so the session didn't even feel like nearly 2 hours long. Her office is super cute and cozy as well and the whole salon of Design Visage has quite a lovely aesthetic. I assure you that you'll have a wonderful time at this location because it has everything you could want in a professional beauty service.

As for the aftercare and maintenance, make sure to stay away from oil-based products and always be careful when washing your face. I tend to tug on my eyes whenever they get wet so I had to be extra mindful of that. The lashes can also get pretty unruly at times so take a couple of spooley brushes with you in case you need to brush them back in place. You can definitely still wear liquid eyeliner but I personally try to refrain from using it too often even though my signature look is a sharp cat eye. Instead, I take a jet black eyeshadow and angled brush in place of an eyeliner and I'm still able to achieve the same look except it's much easier to remove and I don't have to tug on my lash line so much. Keep in mind that these lashes last for about 2-3 weeks, so refills are much needed if you want to maintain the fullness. You'll also find that a few pieces of the lash extensions will fall off, but that's because we normally lose natural lashes every day. 

If you're around Orange County or maybe even LA, I highly recommend going to Anna! She did an incredible job giving me my first full set of lashes and I'm definitely going back for frequent refills especially around my birthday in the beginning of February. I can already tell that I'm gonna be obsessed with getting these done because I love the convenience, low maintenance, and of course, the fabulous turnout. I never thought lashes could make this big of a difference to my bare face and ultimately my self-esteem. I know physical appearance isn't everything when it comes to confidence, but little things like enhancing your lashes are great baby steps to gradually becoming more comfortable with your natural, bare self. 

If you wanna see more of Anna's amazing work, check out her Instagram and website which also includes information on pricing and services, and if you do book an appointment with her, tell her I sent you!

I hope this was enough to convince you to hop on that eyelash extension bandwagon! I'll probably keep updating you guys when I get refills, so stay tuned! 'Til next time.




  1. You look beautiful and those natural eyelash extensions really look natural, I have a problem that i don't like glue anywhere near my eyes,but after seeing your results i may think i can going to take the risk.

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