DIY: Polaroid Wall With String Lights

I haven't done a DIY in months, so I figured this would be a great time since it's holiday season. Here's a very common and fun way to spice up your walls, so keep reading to see this super easy DIY!

Strings/thin rope/twine (Daiso)
Pushpins/self-adhesive hooks (eBay)
Clothespins (Daiso)
Polaroid/developed/printed photos
String lights (Amazon)

Let's get started!
1. Place the hooks on opposite ends, depending on how many rows of pictures you want on your wall. I'm doing 3 rows, so I'm placing 6 hooks overall, 3 on each side:

2. Determine how long you want the strings to be, which should already be done in the first step when you measured the distance between the hooks across each other. Make sure you make the strings slightly longer than the actual distance of the hooks because you want them to hang loosely rather than straight across, unless that's what you want, then go for it!

3. Tie each end of the strings tightly to the hooks so they can hold all the pictures. 

The result of all the tied strings should look something like this:

 4. Now take your polaroid pictures and start pinning them on the strings by securing with clothespins. I actually don't have a polaroid camera myself, so I just printed these pictures out on photo paper and cut them like polaroids. The distance of each picture is all up to you. You can either eyeball it or measure if you want to be more meticulous.

5.  Lastly, take your magical fairy lights and hang them on the strings! You can tape the ends or tie them on the hooks, but I think tape will work just fine since the lights aren't very heavy. I highly recommend buying from this seller because the 10m lights were only about $6 and the (free) shipping literally took a day when it was supposed to arrive in 2 weeks!

Now you have this stunning DIY room decor that will illuminate your room and remind you of your best memories. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! 

Good luck!

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  1. Omg this is so cute! Great DIY!


  2. so cool! I'll do this at our room! :D

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  4. I'm worried about the lights getting hot and touching the pictures being a fire hazard??

    1. LED string lights don't get hot so they're safe to use :)

  5. Can you clip photos directly to the string lights rather than using string and then string lights?

    1. You can! I just wanted the option of taking out the string lights :)

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