DIY: Cosmetic Swatch Book

I haven't done a DIY in quite a while, so here's something makeup-related for all you beauty junkies. It's not much of a tutorial, but I still hope it'll spark your interest. This is a great way to keep track of all the colors you own in your collection and will be very helpful as references if you ever have trouble choosing a shade when buying new foundations, concealers, bronzers, and so on. Read more to see what's inside!

I initially wanted to do a tutorial on how to make the book itself, but that would require way too much time and money when I could just buy a $2 photo album, which is actually more appropriate for this project. I purchased a 4" x 6" one at Target because as much as I love makeup, my collection isn't nearly as massive as the average beauty enthusiast, but feel free to go for a larger size if you need to. Make sure that it has plastic pockets so that all the pigments won't transfer to the opposite page.

I was contemplating on making a title page for the cover, but I thought I'd keep it minimalistic and refined with just a little bit of color and a peek into some swatches as shown through the circle cut-out.

The first page just has a few unlabeled swatches and a title underneath. If you haven't noticed, I'm going for the same theme as my blog layout! I guess I just really like pastel colors and this font! 
I also figured that a title page would be helpful for every category, so I placed them on the left of every new section as seen below. Now onto the fun colors! 

I started off with my favorite products to swatch - lipsticks. You can probably tell that I have a thing for reds with brown undertones. This category is definitely something that I'll continue to expand because I'm always looking for the best matte lip colors out there. As you can see, I have about 1/4 of the NYC Megalast lipstick line, a couple of NYX, Sephora, Revlon Colorburst, some high-end minis, and a few other drugstore brands.

The top row consists of all my foundations but it certainly doesn't include everything I've tried in the past because I already disposed of my really old ones. I clearly haven't found the right shade because all of these swatches look considerably different. The L'Oreal Magic BB Cream is probably my best match but it doesn't provide the best coverage. This is when this booklet comes in handy though because I can easily compare these swatches to other foundations that I might think of buying. The second row has all of my concealers which are also quite different from each other, but I think it's easier to get away with a slightly off color match because they don't mask your whole face unlike foundations. Most of these are drugstore products of course, with the exception of a few high-end concealers like the Boo-Boo Cover-Up that I got from Ipsy, a Smashbox concealer which was a total waste, and an It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Undereye concealer that I received from a trade. 

I haven't ventured much into bronzers because I found my holy grail product (Benefit's Hoola) quite early, so I'm hoping I won't add more to this collection anytime soon because high-quality bronzers are very pricy. I did leave a spot there though just in case I end up buying the Chocolate Soleil from Too Faced once my Hoola hits pan. The other three are drugstore bronzers like the ELF foundation that I now use to contour, Wet & Wild's Ticket to Brazil, and the well-known NYC Bronzing Powder in Sunny, which is a much cheaper alternative to Hoola but with slight orange undertones. 

This category will most likely occupy most of the pages because of my palettes. Here I swatched all 12 colors from the Naked palette, 6 from Naked Basics, 4 from Revlon's Precious Metals, and a couple of single eyeshadow pots. The second page has everything from my Estēe Lauder Smoky Plums palette that my mom gave for Christmas and all 10 from my first ever eyeshadow palette - Claire's, which I now refer to as my "hooker" eyeshadows because nobody uses those colors on a daily basis, let alone little 10- to 14-year-olds, to whom they supposedly cater to. I think I only bought this because of the greys and blacks since I was in my gothic grunge phase at the time (don't judge - nearly every angsty teenager has gone through that phase!)

I would include all my eyeliners in this category as well, but I only have 2 colored ones and the rest are all black.

The last section I have includes all of my current nail polishes. I tried to color-coordinate them as well as possible but I realized that I'm bound to buy new colors sometime soon. Anyway, these are mostly from drugstores and clothing boutiques with the exception of two Julep nail polishes that I got for free from their subscription service. 

This is pretty much my whole collection as far as pigments go. Feel free to try this out if you want to visually organize your makeup or bring it to the store if you ever need a shade reference.
Catch you on my next one!
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  1. Just curious what type of paper you used for the pages? Love the idea

  2. I'm also curious as to what type of paper you used. ~Dustiwoot


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