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I saw a variety of concho belts in tons of Coachella photos and they instantly caught my interest because you probably all know by now that I have a profound fascination with the boho-chic style. I searched everywhere for affordable options, but the lowest I've encountered is around $50 which is beyond ridiculous for a belt (at least for a financially unstable college student), but I completely understand because I assume they all consist of vintage, authentic pieces. Anyway, since I can't put out that much money for an accessory, I set a budget of no higher than $15. Since I haven't done a fashion DIY in a year, I thought I'd share this super easy and affordable one especially because it's perfect for spring and summer. Read ahead for photos and a step-by-step guide!

Before I get into the actual tutorial, I felt it was necessary to provide a little history on how this sought-after trend came about. Just a quick disclaimer: I really hope doing this DIY won't pose any offense to Native American culture as I'm simply sharing my artistic appreciation for their craft. Now onto the history: the use of conchos rose in the 1800s as a blend of Native American and Mexican cultures. Silversmiths at the time used silver dollars to handcraft the jewelry and added their own personal touches such as scalloped edges and ornate detailing. While the purpose of conchos was clearly for adornment, they additionally signified an oral tradition that is passed on for generations within a family and were intended to embody a story about the artisan who crafted it ( If the concept truly fascinates you, take a look at the links I provided for more information!
Black Faux Suede LaceWestern Style Oval Conchos
If you want to keep it as simple as possible, these two items are all you really need, but if you want a concho belt that more closely resembles the original designs, you can purchase a skinny leather belt in place of the suede lace that I have. What I like about this one though is that it's highly adjustable and I can use it for anything else that I want to put ornaments on. The oval conchos I have here came in assorted colors (nickel, brass, copper) with the same matte finish, which I prefer over the shiny kind because it provides a more antique look. Perhaps the best thing about this DIY is that it only cost me about $10!

This next step is quite self-explanatory and you probably already guessed it: insert a few strands into the concho slots after measuring how long you want the belt to be. Make sure to leave some length so you can easily tie it around your waist. 

And voila - you've got yourself a chic modern-day concho belt! I also made one with a black floppy hat, which I styled here!

Here's just one of the many outfits I came up with, but you can pretty much wear it with any look. I think it's a fun way to add a bohemian touch to a simple ensemble, and it's super easy to make. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, and I'll catch you in my next one!

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