Review & Swatches: Rimmel London Stay Blushed!

Remember when I raved about the L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush a while ago? Well that one doesn't even compare to Rimmel's latest release, so get ready for another much-acclaimed drugstore product! Read more for a detailed review with swatches.

"Perfect for any occasion: the blush blends instantly and seamlessly to create a long lasting, natural-looking flush of colour that lasts up to 24 hours. Ultra lightweight, won’t feel heavy. Lasts all day."
Apparently, these have been in the U.S. market for several months now, and I'm surprised and a little peeved that they're only available in select Walmarts and Kmarts. Luckily, I paid a visit at the valley and dropped by a Walmart nearby where they carry the product. If you don't have either store near you, you can order from BlueScandal for only $2.81 this summer plus a low shipping cost. 

The images I've seen on several reviews were very deceiving because these are actually twice as tiny as I imagined them to be, but just like most cream products, a little goes a long way which means they'll last for a considerable amount of time. The chic and refined packaging is a lot like the Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation, which I assume is from the same collection. The squeeze tube is of course very appropriate and convenient since it's a cream product. It comes with 0.47 fl. oz. which is a little less than L'Oreal's, but I'm sure it'll last me a good several months as well.

Color Selection
001 Pop of Pink - warm pink
002 Touch of Berry - cool-toned berry pink
003 Peach Flush - muted peach
004 Sunkissed Cherry - peachy coral
005 Apricot Glow -  a more cool-toned version of Peach Flush with a touch of coral 
Because of the insanely low price at only $2.99, I thought that I might as well buy more than one color. I got Pop of PinkSunkissed Cherry, and Apricot Glow, although I was really hoping that Peach Flush would be in stock because the swatches I've seen online are quite stunning. This color selection is a lot more versatile compared to L'Oreal's Visible Lift, so you're bound to find a shade that will complement your skin tone. The orange shades would look particularly flattering on tan skin especially in the summer!

Pigmentation & Swatches
I knew right off the bat that these would have great pigmentation just by applying the swatches. I love that even though some shades are fairly similar, the color payoff shows a noticeable distinction. I'll most likely pick up Peach Flush later on and maybe even Touch of Berry as well because all the colors so far are so gorgeous and natural. I've never tried a blush with peach undertones before, and I gotta say that Apricot Glow has to be one of my favorites so far! The pigments can be easily built up, but I find that a pea-sized amount is all I really need.

001 Pop of Pink - 004 Sunkissed Cherry - 005 Apricot Glow
One layer blended using my fingertips
This picture doesn't really do it justice because there's actually a difference between these shades in person.

Consistency & Finish
The texture is very mousse-like and opaque in contrast to L'Oreal's silicone consistency. It's most definitely not a liquid, so I don't know why they would call it a "liquid cheek tint." It's much thicker than Visible Lift so it's slightly harder to blend when compared, but it still goes on very smoothly on its own. Despite the completely matte finish (which I absolutely love), it has that "glow from within" flush  which makes it very natural.

The scent is quite strong, and it all depends on personal preference whether you'll find it pleasant or not. I'm personally not very fond of it because it reminds me of sunscreen and some kind of overly flowery lotion, but it's a good thing that it doesn't linger. Other than that, I seriously have no other complaints about this product.

I seem to get the most effective results when I use my fingers rather than a stippling brush. Blending isn't a problem at all because it's so creamy, and unlike L'Oreal's, it's a lot easier to achieve the color payoff you want - no need for trials and errors because it doesn't get unnaturally vibrant if you ever apply too much. 

I didn't bother doing juxtaposed swatches of all three colors because the camera could never capture the differences, but here's one with Apricot Glow on.

This is absolutely perfect for summer because it stays on for hours even during the hottest days. I'm not sure about it being waterproof or anything, but it seems to sit well on my extremely oily skin with humid weather, so it's an ideal product for beach days, pool parties, or any outdoor events. I certainly don't expect it to last for "24 hours" as stated on the claims, but it stays long enough for an average day.

If you read my review on L'Oreal's Visible Lift, you already know how much I loved that blush, but after trying these out, Rimmel definitely wins by a landslide, so that goes to show how amazing this product really is. If there's anything to really complain about, it's the unusually limited availability. Seriously, I don't know why they're not in every drugstore yet! For only $2.99, it has everything you can ask for in a cream blush: smooth and blendable consistency, great color selection, incredible pigmentation, naturally matte finish, and an impressive lasting power. I suggest you skip out on L'Oreal because of the price, but in case these cream blushes don't work out for you, give that one a try.

'Til my next one!
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