Back to School Outfit Ideas

As much as we all despise the words "back to school," one thing you might look forward to around this time is shopping or styling some outfits. Here are a few of my picks!

Top: New York and Company | Hat: Wet Seal | Bag: thrifted
If your style leans towards boho chic and/or edgy, this outfit is the perfect way to put the two together. The loose fit and floral pattern display the effortless and dainty aspects of bohemian fashion while the dark color combination contributes a touch of edginess. This top happens to run a size larger on me, so I could get away with wearing it on its own, but if your school has a strict dress code, then definitely pair it with some black distressed jeans. I also opted for a small leather bag which is a safe choice for the beginning of the school year when you won't carry as much stuff. A boho outfit wouldn't be complete with some kind of accessory, so I added a black wide brim hat. If your high school doesn't allow hats, try a loose side braid or beach waves for a messy and casual look. 
Kimono: Sheinside | Top:  | Harem pants: Amazon | Shoes: Boohoo : Hat: Forever 21
One of the best things about being in college is having all the liberties to wear whatever the hell you want. This outfit is for those who like to be a little bit more whimsical with their fashion sense. If you solely dress for yourself (which you should) and not for others, you probably agree that some fashion rules are meant to be broken. This outfit is nothing but a mismatch of patterns and materials, and I think that's what makes it interesting and unique. Printed harem pants are quite a statement piece and it's a bonus that they're extremely comfortable. I paired them with something very plain and simple like a cream crochet crop top with subtle detailing. You can stop here if you want, but I added this long floral tassel kimono to spice it up some more. The floppy hat is optional as well, but since the whole palette is fairly muted, a bold color like burgundy will draw more loudness to the outfit. If this ensemble isn't quirky enough for you, go for an unconventional (and commonly disliked) shoe option like Birkenstocks.

Striped top & boyfriend jeans: Sheinside | White top: H&M | Chelsea boots: Boohoo | Strappy heels: Zara | Chunky Heels: Off Broadway
If you don't want to sacrifice style for comfort, a pair of boyfriend jeans is the way to go because it offers both. It's a very laid back piece which is ideal for any casual setting. Pair it with either an oversized plain white tee or one with subtle stripes to go with this modest look. Maybe even tie one side into a knot or tuck it in if it runs too large. Since this outfit is quite simple, I provided three shoe options that cater to different tastes. If heels are too glitzy for you or you just have trouble walking in them, go for some classic plain black ankle boots. Thick heels are very easy and comfortable to wear and this particular design is so versatile that it goes with virtually anything. The second option, the timeless, minimalist strappy heel, adds a more classy and refined touch. It's a huge contrast from the lazy look, but I think it works. If you watch Claire Marshall on Youtube, this is essentially her style and she totally pulls it off! It's not the most comfortable choice, but if you're completely used to wearing any sort of heels, you should be fine. My third option is the color block heel, which is a great way to add more life to a monochromatic outfit. Chunky heels are ideal to walk around in if you always feel the need to add a bit more height. 

Crop top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Papers & Peonies | Denim Jacket: thrifted | Hat: Wet Seal | Combat boots: Reflection
This one's more of a mixture of grunge and girl-next-door. I find that the contrast between feminine and edgy just works really well because it keeps you from looking too dressed up. The floral pattern on the caged crop top adds a fun summer element while the distressed high waisted shorts, black hat, and combat boots gear more towards the dimmer atmosphere of fall, so this outfit would be great for days when the weather is somewhere in between. I added a cropped denim jacket for an Americana vibe, and I think it would provide a more flattering silhouette because of the tight knot around the waistline.

Lastly, here's my go-to outfit when I can't think of anything else: crop top, high waisted shorts, and kimono/oversized cardigan. There are only so many outfits you can come up with using this combination, which is why it's perfect for when you're running late but you don't want to look like a mess. Each piece is an absolute closet essential, so this look shouldn't be difficult to put together. You can opt for any pair of shoes - vans, flats, ankle boots, wedges, or heels - but keep in mind that you're dressing for school, which means you should always take comfort level into account.

That's all for my back-to-school fashion tips! I hope you got some inspiration out of this quick guide. Good luck and have a great school year!
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