Review: L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush

"L'Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blush has an opti-blur technology that provides a beautiful sheer color. It provides anti-aging benefits while giving you a smooth finish you'll love."

It comes in a cute squeeze tube displaying the shade of the product which is fairly true to color.  I love how the gold accents make it look a little bit more high-end (which L'Oreal kind of is compared to other drugstore brands). The squeeze tube packaging works perfectly with this kind of product because you can easily control how much you want to dispense, especially with a highly pigmented color payoff like this. 

The Visible Blur line is a fairly new release, but you should find it in all drugstores by now. The prices vary dramatically though. I bought mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $10, and the last time I checked, it was about $15 at Target. 

Color Selection/Payoff

One of my favorite things about this blush is the incredible pigmentation. A little definitely goes a long way, so less than a pea-sized amount is usually enough for me. I picked up Soft Pink which is the most flattering shade on my light-medium skin tone. I heard that Soft Peach is way too light and sheer while Soft Berry is a bit too vibrant, so I thought that this one would provide the perfect balance. 

Consistency & Finish
I find it strange that Soft Peach has a completely different texture than the other two. It comes out like a normal liquid-cream texture whereas the other two have this unique pasty consistency that reminds me a bit of Benefit's Porefessional primer. Once blended though, the clumpy silicone-like bits (as shown above) completely even out to a smooth, velvety finish. As commonly said, this is pretty much like tinted primer so that should give you a sense of what the texture feels like. On another note, if you swatch it on your hand, the finish is extremely shimmery under sunlight which I wasn't initially fond of (I'm all for matte finishes if you didn't already know), but I find that those little shimmers provide a gorgeous dewy/natural finish when applied evenly. The third photo is how it looks when completely blended out, but as you can see, I clearly applied way too much, so the amount you should dispense should be even less than the first photo above.

If you've tried this and didn't like it because it's either way too sheer or way too bright, you might have been using it differently than suggested. For me, to get the best color payoff, I squeeze a tiny amount on the back of my hand, blend it with my fingers, and apply it on the apples of my cheeks little by little. If it's too sheer and almost invisible, I simply dab more color, and if it looks too unnaturally vibrant, I just blend it out using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge which is pretty much the best blending tool for any product. Doing this method provides a stunning, airbrushed flush that stays all day. It gives the appearance of naturally rosy cheeks which is very flattering on light to medium skin tones.

This picture isn't really doing it justice, but knowing my dull and pale face, this is quite a significant flush of color so I don't consider it too sheer at all. 

I don't know about others, but this actually stays on me all day even with a short-lasting foundation underneath. I find that the finish becomes a little bit more dewy over time but not greasy by any means, hence the natural appearance. 

Bottom Line
Perhaps it's because of my oily skin type that I find this absolutely perfect. I personally can't find anything wrong with this product other than maybe the price tag, but I think it's totally worth it for 0.6 oz because a little really does go a long way. Maybe they should come out with additional shades to suit other skin tones, and they could also fix the inconsistency with the texture of each shade (which really doesn't bother me at all but it seems like it does others). Besides those suggestions, this definitely goes in my makeup bag of essentials!
Hope this helped. 'Til next time!
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  1. Sounds really good. Haven't seen it yet but will def look out for it.

  2. @Lenya you should try it! it should be in any drugstore/Ulta now (:

  3. wow I think this blusher looks really natural and cute, I really like the gold accents in the packaging too ^-^ I think the price is okay, I think it's high for a drugstore brand though T T~ I have oily skin too so I might want to check this out when I'm at an L'oreal counter next time :D Thanks for this review! btw, your eyes and eyebrows look really adorable and cute haha :D

    Mindy ♥

  4. @美美 yeah, it's more on the higher end of drugstore, but i think it'll last you a looong time. glad i helped and thank youuu! (:


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