May 2016 Favorites

This is probably the latest I've ever uploaded a monthly favorites post because these past few weeks have been super hectic with finals and personal reasons. On the bright side, I've got quite a lot of faves to share for this past month, so keep reading to see my top picks!
Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover
I did a studio photo shoot this past month, so I was on the hunt for a full coverage HD foundation specifically for that event and I ended up purchasing my first luxury makeup product. I've heard great things about the infamous Estée Lauder Double Wear in a bottle, but the lady said that it causes flashback in photos and recommended me the maximum coverage version instead. The shade is just a tad darker than my complexion, but it works fine with a lighter concealer and powder. This stuff is 100% full coverage with just one layer but it doesn't feel too heavy. I gotta say I'm definitely not a fan of the strong greasy scent, but the incredible flawless coverage and formula make up for it.
NYX Angel Veil Oil-Free Skin Perfecting Primer
Primers have never really been part of my everyday makeup routine, but this one has been kind of life-changing. It keeps my makeup intact and lasting all day long and it also helps with the dry areas on my face. Some of my foundations tend to break apart around my T-zone because of the oiliness, but this keeps my face looking flawless and untouched throughout the day, so I guess it's the best of both worlds for those with combo skin!
Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer
Speaking of flawless, this pore-erasing primer does exactly what it says. I have massive pores on and around my nose and a little smidge of this instantly fills them in. It also helps keep the oils at bay, which I can always appreciate.
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Double Dare
While I've been more into natural nude lippies lately, I always manage to find myself still buying muted terracotta shades for the sake of collecting them. This one's truly one of my favorites though! The formula is super comfortable on the lips and the pigmentation is impressive just like any other opaque liquid lipstick that I own and love.
KISS False Cover False Nails
I've been really into at-home acrylic nails lately because sometimes I just get impatient when trying to grow out my real nails. They also tend to chip easily once I've reached my desired nail length, so I thought why not give faux nails a shot? For only $5, this kit quickly became an absolute fave. With 100 pieces to choose from and use multiple times, it's definitely a bang for your buck! It makes going to the nail salon look like a total waste. The nail polish I used also hasn't chipped one bit unlike when it usually does on my real nails.
Mr. Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips
The gel whitening kit that I received from Smile Sciences worked perfectly fine, but the process can get a little messy, uncomfortable, and tedious, so I've been using these strips from Mr. Blanc instead because they're a lot more convenient as they just melt in your teeth after 15 minutes. The result isn't instantaneous, so don't expect a one-day miracle. If you use them religiously, you'll definitely see an impressive difference!
7-day Facetox
The same company also sent me this all-natural facetox clay mask to try out and I've been absolutely loving it for the past month. It's the kind that hardens like cement, so I try to apply it only once or twice a week to avoid any possible irritation. Once I wash it off though, it leaves my skin feeling super radiant and completely cleansed! One packet also lasted me up to 4 sessions, so I'll certainly get tons of use from this whole box.
Dark-Wash Distressed Jeans - Fashion Q
I've been wearing these ripped jeans with just about anything - from super simple tops to unique and edgy pieces like the one shown above. It's the perfect statement piece to spice up a basic look and it definitely speaks to my personal style.
This Is It Tie Dolman Jumpsuit - Tobi
On the dressier side, here's my very first jumpsuit which is something I thought I'd never be able to rock because it's quite difficult to find one that fits my petite frame. Luckily, Tobi sent me this stunningly elegant number that's been my top pick for special events. Check out my post here for more on this look!
Peaceful Lantern Kimono - Tobi
Another piece that Tobi sent me is this gorgeous kimono that also has my style written all over it. The flowy fit and edgy and bohemian elements make it a great coverup for spring and summer, so it's definitely been a top pick for me as well. Also check out the full post here!
Misha Crop Top - Tobi
The last fashion pick I'll be talking about is yet another one from Tobi. I'm clearly all about the boho-chic style, and nothing can get any more boho than this off-shoulder, bell-sleeved crop top. Check out the entry here for full details on the look.

As you may have noticed from my recents posts, I did my first ever professional photo shoot with Stephen Jon Photography, which was a super fun and new experience for me. This look pictured above will be posted in a few days, so stay tuned! Make sure to stop by Stephen's site and if you're interested in doing a photo shoot, definitely shoot him an email!

That's it for May! The year's nearly halfway through but expected more things coming your way especially this summer now that I'm done with the school year! 'Til next time.

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  1. Never heard the term of facetox! What an interesting take for a brighter face :)

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