April 2017 Favorites

April's been a pretty exciting and notable month for me as I began to incorporate quite a few lifestyle changes to my daily routine - from noticeably wearing less makeup to documenting my health choices. Keep reading to see what my new everyday essentials are and what it's like to transition to a more minimalist lifestyle!

I've been all about that "no makeup" makeup lately, which is still a lot of work but completely new to me nonetheless because I'm typically someone who likes to have a full face everyday as if I'm attending a wedding. I'm definitely nowhere near close to going out confidently without makeup, but limiting the amount of products I use daily is a good start. It's been nice to just let my skin breathe by skipping foundation and focusing on concealing and highlighting. I also haven't been wearing eye makeup at all, which is insane considering that winged eyeliner has been part of my daily makeup routine for 7 straight years. This modified routine cut down my "getting ready" time to 15-20 minutes so it's a lot faster for me to get things done before school and it certainly feels refreshing to be a little more low-maintenance.
Rimmel Instaflawless Radiant Skin Tint, Light Medium
While I did say that I've been skipping foundation, I still need just a bit of coverage to even out my skin tone, so I've been reaching for this tinted moisturizer that has just enough coverage to do exactly that. It feels like any hydrating moisturizer but with the benefits of a super lightweight foundation, so I'd say it's more a part of my skincare routine than anything since it also acts as a sunscreen.
Etude House Tint My Brows Gel, #6 Khaiki Ash Brown
Speaking of being more low-maintenance, this eyebrow tint from Etude House is a huge life-saver. I always take my sweet time to do my eyebrows but with this semi-permanent tint, all I need to do is touch up my brows to perfect the shape because this tint already gives the fullness that I need. It lasts for a couple of days so it's handy for traveling or little-to-no-makeup days.
Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip, Split, Doozy, Zuma
Matte liquid lipsticks will always have a special place in my makeup collection, but Colourpop recently launched a whole new line that's incredibly unique and innovative. These Ultra Blotted Lips are like liquid lipsticks and lip tints combined, which is exactly what I need for a daily pop of natural color. These feel like nothing on the lips yet the coverage is pretty impressive for something that's supposed to be a tint. The formula is definitely buildable so you can easily make it look like a typical matte liquid lipstick, but one swipe is perfect for that natural, "my lips but better" look. 
Colourpop Double Play Pressed Powder Face Duo
Colourpop also released powder versions of their blushes and highlights in duo form and I've been obsessed with these shades and formulas the second I applied them. The blush may look like a warm bronzer on the pan, but it goes on a lot more peachy on the cheeks which is great for spring and summer. The highlighter is insanely pigmented and blinding, but it gives more of that "wet" highlight look even though it has lots of shimmer rather than just a sheen.
Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, Dew You?
Minimal makeup is all about trying to achieve impeccable glowing skin, and this liquid highlighter is absolutely perfect for adding that champagne gold glow that especially compliments warm skin tones. The packaging is sleek and luxurious as usual because what else can you expect from Marc Jacobs? It also smells like coconuts which I can't complain about because I don't mind having my face smell like one of my favorite fruits!
Amazing Lash Studio, Lashes by Melanie
If you recall my extensive post on my first experience with lash extensions, you'd know how much I adored @lashywithme's work. Unfortunately, I couldn't book an appointment with her for a refill when I got sick a few months ago, and when I was finally ready to come back, her schedule was fully booked when I needed to get my lashes done. So, I resorted to the lash studio that's just walking distance from my house and gave it a shot. My new lash stylist, Melanie, did an amazing job with these lashes, and the introductory offer for new clients is such an incredible deal that it was hard to resist. I absolutely love how long and voluminous they are even though they're not volume lashes, and they actually lasted longer than 3 weeks which is super impressive. 
KL Polish, Miss Honey
Getting acrylic nails from the salon has been one my new favorite ways to treat myself. It never fails to make me feel pampered and relaxed so I usually go whenever I need to de-stress (a.k.a. during every midterm/finals week). I love how the slightly pointed shape complements this stunning peachy nude color from KL Polish's new spring collection. Gotta support my girl Kathleen who is one of my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube! 
Design Skin Card Holder Case
I won this super cute phone case in a giveaway from the lovely @beaautifullywild, who I actually ran into around my campus and had the pleasure to hang out with this weekend. This phone case isn't like any other because it slides up and has a little storage space for IDs, credit cards, and in my case, boba stamp cards. Sometimes I don't even carry a purse anymore because these are really the only things I need especially for a casual food/dessert run.

I haven't thrifted in years because Irvine isn't exactly a city where you can find many bargains, but I finally went out with my cousin and brother to Downtown Fullerton to check out some thrift shops and I ended up scoring these wonderful finds. If you're on the hunt for vintage high-waisted shorts, thrifting is your best bet because you'll more than likely to find high-waisted jeans that you can easily modify to your liking. I absolutely love the snug fit of these shorts because they hug my waist and hips perfectly, so they have surely been well-loved this past month. I also found a Brandy Melville cardigan for only $15 which y'all know is an amazing deal, and this mustard crop top is too cute especially for the springtime.
I've been keeping track of my food entries since the end of March to make sure I hit at least 2000 calories a day. I've always been slightly underweight which never bothered me too much, but I figured gaining a little weight will make me feel and look much better and healthier. I'm definitely writing an in-depth post on my weight gain journey and how my mental health is closely tied to it, so stay tuned for a sentimental yet informational post coming your way in a few weeks (hopefully)!

Slowly transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle isn't an easy task especially for a beauty/fashion influencer who used to care so much about materialistic things like social media presence and free stuff. I needed to take a brief social media detox (hence my inactivity on Instagram) to focus on much more substantial matters like my mental health and personal relationships. I've been so used to having things handed to me for the past few years that I forgot what it's like to appreciate having less. So, here's to making little lifestyle changes such as seeing the world through a wider lens and focusing on myself without being selfish. As I mentioned last month, feel free to drop by my Food for Thought page to see me tackle many instances of existential crisis.

'Til next time!



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