March 2017 Favorites

Is it just me or did March go by way too fast? It's already spring which means I've got a whole bunch of new and exciting favorites to share including some lifestyle content, so keep reading to find out what these gems are!
Too Faced Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eyeshadow Palette
This palette came in pretty late in the month, but I just had to include it in this post because it instantly became a favorite. I mean look at how stunning this is! I almost didn't want to touch it because it's so beautiful, but of course, I gotta use it since it did cost me huge bucks. I'd definitely say it's worth it though because it has all the neutral and spring shades that I need for just about any look. 
Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts Highlighter, Golden Goddess
This product caught my attention mainly because of the adorable packaging that looks almost exactly like the Too Faced Sweetheart Blush. I ordered it online so I didn't get the chance to swatch it in person before purchasing, so it came out way more golden than I anticipated. Nonetheless, it gives a gorgeous and super intense glow although I usually like to mix with a more subtle champagne-toned highlight like Wet n Wild's Color Icon Bronzer in the shade Reserve Your Cabana. It's also extremely affordable and I'm sure it's a dupe for some high-end product.
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Lite Matte Bronzing Powder
Benefit came out with a lighter, more cool-toned shade of the Hoola bronzer, which is actually my all-time favorite contour product but I'd say this one's starting to replace that title. I think it's a lot more flattering on my skin tone and it gives my contour a much more natural look. It also has a really nice scent that the original Hoola bronzer doesn't have.
Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara
My eyelash extensions have done their time after about a month of wear, so I had to go back to applying mascara every day. I discovered this one from Essence as recommended by a friend, and it's definitely become one of my top faves from the drugstore. I didn't like it at first because of the wet formula that made my lashes feel quite heavy, but as it dried up a little over time, it became much more volumizing and lengthening.

Real Techniques Mini Miracle Complexion Sponges
I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any bloggers or Youtubers rave about these little sponges because I think they're quite life-changing. They're basically just like the original Real Techniques Complexion Sponge but in miniature form, which makes them perfect for blending concealer on the undereyes and all the crevices of the face. They're also great for applying liquid highlights!

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins
After bleaching the entirety of my hair right before the New Year, it's been extremely dry and brittle so I had to look into all these products to find some remedies. I'm sure these Sugar Bear Hair vitamins are no stranger to the beauty community because they're always being advertised by some of the biggest social media influencers, namely Kylie Jenner, Kim K., and a few of my favorite fashion bloggers as well. After using up a month's supply of these incredibly delicious gummies, I've honestly seen major improvement with the quality of my hair, not just with the texture but also the length. My hair has grown over an inch in just a month, which is something I usually achieve in half a year! I'm doing a whole separate post on this product for sure, so stay tuned!

Ingrid Plunging V-Neck Floral Lace Mesh Bodysuit
I don't know why but I've been getting into bodysuits lately and this is just the start of my growing collection. This one from Shop Gracie is so stunning and unique but I had to sew in some major adjustments because this size didn't fit my body type. I somehow made it work and now it's become a staple spring piece!
milk and honey by Rupi Kaur
I've never been one to be super into reading but a bunch of quotes from this book inspired me so much that I had to get a physical copy. Rupi Kaur is such an incredibly empowering woman that her work made go back to writing again. Milk & Honey is a wonderful compilation of quotes and poems that pertain to different aspects of life, my favorite section being "the healing." I highly recommend this book if you love a good pick-me-up!
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Speaking of great books, I'm currently listening to the audio book version of Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance. It's such a realistic and relatable take on what it's really like to date in the modern world, and it provides so much insight on many different aspects of romance through various research studies and real-life experiences around the globe. I highly recommend reading or listening to this book as well! I personally really enjoy listening to Aziz's narration because he has such a lively and iconic voice, and I mean what better way to hear the story than listening to the writer himself?

People who have personally known me for years know that writing has been a major part of my life growing up, but I stopped for a few years and now I'm finally back on that grind after a great deal of self-reflection and taking up inspiration from other writers. If you'd like to keep up with my personal endeavors or gain a sense of my outlook on life, drop by my Food for Thought section here!

Well, that wraps up some of my favorite things this month! It's finally spring so be on the lookout for some new seasonal content both on this blog and my Instagram!

'Til next time.



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