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I spent my first weekend of summer break exploring the artsy town of San Francisco. I've touched down the Golden City a few years ago only for a pit stop on the way to Oregon, but this time I was able to grasp a better sense of the culture and a bit of what the city has to offer. Keep reading for some unflattering iPhone shots accompanied with good times!

Our first stop was the classic Fisherman's Wharf, a chain of local seafood restaurants where all the tourists huddle for grubs. My family and I ended up at Alioto's Restaurant where we ordered some appetizing Italian cuisine, which included quite possibly the best seafood I've ever tried. I'm not even a huge fan of seafood so that says a lot! The dish I ordered was the Spinach Fettuccine with Mussels and Marinara, but what really tickled my palate was the creamy crab pizza that wasn't like any other. I would've snapped a photo but it was devoured by everyone before I could even take out my phone.

Next stop was the Twin Peaks Summit, a site with breathtaking views of the Bay Area. I'm not much of a city person, but I can't deny that the vast views of this massive urban community are beyond spectacular. If I were an SF resident and if it weren't for all the tourists flooding the area, this would definitely be my go-to spot to clear my mind. 

Did I really go to San Francisco if I didn't stop by a hipster dessert joint? Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is known for its trendy Insta-worthy wall that appeals highly to the millennial masses, but I'd say it also deserves some credit for its tasty baked goods with one-of-a-kind flavors. There's actually a branch in LA and recently in Tustin (a short 10-minute drive from my place), but of course, being the absurd social media nut that I am, I was here for the Instagram shot. *cue eye roll*

My cousin's boyfriend, who tagged along with us throughout the weekend, has never tasted the experience of Korean BBQ, so we frantically searched for a place around the area of our hotel (which was much harder than it should've been) and we settled for this one called Ohgane Korean Restaurant at Concord. A bit pricy, but KBBQ is always an experience beyond good food so I'd say it was worth. 

I know there's so much more to the Bay Area that I haven't explored, but we only had a couple of days to merely scratch the surface of what this lively city has to offer. It's not a difficult drive from home so I'm sure I'll have tons of opportunity to visit again. It was a great way to kick off my summer break nonetheless, so that certainly counts for something! 

Side note: It's devastating that I can't go to Australia this month because of technical government issues, but I'll try as much as I can to fill up this segment of my blog with other eventful summer adventures, so stay tuned!

'Til next time.



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