May/June 2017 Favorites

It's hard to believe that we're already halfway through the year, but I would say that it's been a notable one so far. May was quite a hectic month though so I wasn't able to write an entry, but I thought I'd just combine some of my favorite things with this past month's picks. Keep reading for what I've been loving in the summer so far!
NYX BB Cream, Nude
Summer going full swing in June called for a lightweight makeup base, and this one's a fairly new find that I've been loving lately. It provides decent matte coverage and keeps my skin looking fresh and natural throughout the day. It's a lightweight formula that doesn't look like foundation on your skin, so if that's what you're looking for, give this one a try.
Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer
I finally gave into the hype and got this blogger-approved drugstore bronzer, and I can say that it did not disappoint. On top of the fact that it smells like piña colada, it glides on so smoothly and gives such a radiant flush of color - perfect for a hot summer day especially if you've got pasty skin like I do. 
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
I've been staying away from liquid eyeliner lately to make my lash extensions stay on longer, but when I do opt for the classic cat eyes, I've been reaching for this one the most. The brush tip is super precise making it easier for me to perfect my winged eyeliner, and it's really pigmented which is basically the main thing I look for in a liquid liner.
Too Faced Melted Matte Liquefied Lipstick, Sell Out
I have this obsession with having to try at least one shade from virtually every brand I know that has a matte liquid lipstick line, and for this month I've been wearing this pinky brown shade from Too Faced's liquefied matte lipstick collection. I love the formula and it lasts all day so it's definitely one of my top picks!
Pür Cosmetics Bare It All™ 4-in-1 Skin-Perfecting Foundation, Light TanBlue Agave Mask Energizing Peel-Off Mask
Pür Cosmetics was kind enough to send me these amazing products through Octoly and I've absolutely been loving them so far. The foundation is super full-coverage but doesn't feel heavy at all, even in hot weather. I thought the shade would be too dark on me but it's actually perfect and the undertone is yellow enough for my warm complexion. Also, this peel-off mask is so refreshing and always leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub with Dead Sea SaltNourishing Rose Cleansing Oil
Derma E always pampers me with monthly skin care gems, and these two are the ones I've been incorporating into my regular routine. I've actually tried the Microdermabrasion scrub before and this one's just in their new packaging, but the cleansing oil is an entirely new product to me. It's perfect for cleansing away my makeup especially when wipes don't remove enough.
Forever 21 Smocked Crop Top, TaupeCharlotte Russe Embroidered Tie-Front Crop Top, Cobalt
I always revisit my love for off-the-shoulder tops during the summertime, so here are just a few of my top faves of the month. The first one is quite possibly one of the prettiest items in my closet - there's just something so ethereal about it. The flowy chiffon sleeves, ruffled bodice, and dainty lace-up detailing would be perfect for a stroll on a flower field or something. It's also quite comfortable and doesn't ride up my shoulders like most off-shoulder tops tend to do. The one on the right runs more on the casual side but stunning nonetheless. I love the asymmetrical bell sleeves on this one because they're the perfect length for me. The neckline rides up when I raise my arms though, but I can't complain because this top is just too cute!
Garage Clothing Cool Blue Premium Retro High Waist Short
While I'm still on a longstanding hunt for the ideal vintage high-waisted shorts, these will do for now because they fit like a glove. They're very form-fitting yet comfortable, so they've definitely been my go-to summer booty shorts. 
OOTDfash Charlene Mid Rise Skinny Jeans
Jeans rarely ever fit me this nicely, so I've been taking every chance that I can to style this body-hugging pair of distressed jeans. I did gain a bit of weight though so that might've been why everything has been fitting me so nicely. I usually don't wear jeans in warmer months, but I love these so much that I've been opting for them over my favorite pairs of shorts lately. @ootdfash is seriously the place to go for perfectly fitted jeans!
Adidas Superstars, Pearl Grey/Icey Pink
I'm always gonna be a 'heels' kinda girl but I've been wanting a pair of Superstars for a while now, or really just a high-quality pair of sneakers that doesn't shy away from my personal style. This pair fortunately has all that - the comfort for an everyday wear and the super cute color scheme that makes it easier for me to style any outfit.
Firmoo Prescription Glasses #S1412, Clear
My prescription changed quite significantly so a new pair of glasses was a must. I went to my trustee glasses website and scored this adorable pair of clear wayfarers, which is a bit more different than anything I've had before. 
So Much I Want to Tell You: Letters to my Little Sister, Anna Akana
Anna Akana is my absolute favorite Youtuber outside the fashion and beauty niche. She's brilliant, snarky, comical, talented, and incredibly resilient, and all of that shows through this book. She's been through a lot at only the ripe age of 27, which is perhaps what made her grow into this strong independent woman that she is in her videos. This book is essentially about everything she learned in her life so far - lessons she wishes she could've taught her little sister if she hadn't committed suicide a decade ago. Highly recommend this book if you ever need help facing the harsh reality of love, loss, and life especially as a young adult.
If you missed my latest post, I went to San Francisco with my family on my first week of vacation. Head over to that Simple Travels entry for more of this quick yet adventurous getaway! I was at Twin Peaks overlooking stunning views of San Francisco, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse taking hipster pictures and savoring baked goods, and grubbing on some of SF's local cuisines.

That wraps up my favorite things in May and June! I'll try my best to make this summer an exciting one so I can put up more content and simply enjoy life outside of school. Tune in for more in the next couple weeks!

Also, I'll probably be writing more over the summer, so keep your eyes peeled for new entries if you want to keep up with my personal life outside social media: Food for Thought.




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