August 2017 Favorites

As the last month of summer break is concluding, I've snuck in quite a bit of new products that have made it to my top favorites. Keep reading to see these gems!
Glossier Cloud Paint Duo, Dusk
 Glossier is an up-and-coming brand that seems to be all the rage lately. Since I've been venturing more into natural looks these past few months, I needed a cream blush to add a nice flush of color to my cheeks. I swear that the formula of this blush is seriously the easiest to blend among all the cream products I've ever touched.  It's named "cloud paint" for good reason because it just blends like a dream and it looks incredibly natural on the skin even with texture and all. It's an amazing product to use for those "no makeup" makeup days because it just gives you such youthful rosy cheeks!
Colourpop Pressed Powder Highlighter, Boy Next Door
Is it really a monthly favorites post from me if a Colourpop product wasn't in it? They released individual powder highlighters fairly recently so I had to try out a shade and picked out a golden champagne one per usual. I still prefer the powder highlight in the Double Play palette, but this one is quite stunning as well especially when spritzed with a setting spray.
Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24H Longwear SPF 15 Foundation, 230 Buff W
I received two shades of the beloved Teint Idole foundation by Lancôme and I've been absolutely loving this one so far. I know it's a super high-end foundation but I can't help but wear it on an everyday basis. It has such a lightweight texture yet provides decent coverage for my slightly problematic skin. It also has a bit of SPF which is always a plus and the staying power is quite impressive for something that feels like a tinted moisturizer.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip, Trouble Maker, It's Skin Life Color Lip Crush Matte, 10 What the Heaven
Peach has been my ultimate summer color so these two shades obviously made the list for that sole reason. Both have quite strong orange undertones but a bit more muted than neon. While these are definitely spring and summer shades, they're wearable enough for any season and they finish off a "natural makeup look" so well!
Kiko Milano Smart Colour Blush, 05 Coral
I stopped by Kiko Milano to look for an orange-toned blush and this was the closest I could find. It's a bit more red than peach but it still gives a stunning flush of color with just a super light tap of your brush. This stuff is extremely pigmented to say the least so a little definitely goes a long way. 
Milani Make it Last Makeup Setting Spray
I've never been a huge fan of setting sprays because I feel like they just make my skin oilier throughout the day and I don't really notice much of an impact on my makeup's lasting power, but this one is certainly shifting my opinion. Not only is the mist very fine but the product itself seems to lock my makeup in place longer than it usually lasts.
[Tosowoong] Mask Sheet, Blueberry
Going minimal with my makeup means I'd have to significantly shift my focus on skin care, so I've been trying out all these sheet masks and these two are the top ones that made the list. My friend Tina gave me a bunch of the foaming sheet mask from Japan, which I've been using once or twice a week — usually after a day of heavy makeup since I feel like it cleanses my face the best. The one on the right is more for brightening the skin, which I've definitely noticed throughout the month. I can't wait to keep using these masks and venturing more into gentle skin care products!
Premium Nature Castor Oil
Again, concerning my newly revamped minimal makeup routine, naturally thick eyebrows are a significant part of the "no makeup" makeup look. Fortunately, I was blessed with fairly decent brows (which I butchered throughout high school) but this castor oil has surely helped to grow them back. I really wish I took a "before" photo to show just how vast of a difference my brows have progressed!
Medium Impact Sports Bra
I'm slowly beginning to establish a workout routine that works for me and this set has been my go-to outfit lately. Both pieces fit me like a glove and they're super comfortable to wear even in 100-degree weather. I have quite a large collection of activewear for someone who barely started working out, but this outfit definitely helps with the motivation.

That concludes this month's favorites! I have one more month of summer left but I'll be sure to make it count before I start nursing school. I have some posts queued up for the next couple weeks so stay tuned!

'Til next time.



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