October/November/December 2017 Favorites

I never got around to posting my favorites for the past few months, so here's a massive collection of what I've been loving in the fall and wintertime! A lot of incredible and eventful lifestyle favorites happened lately as well, so make sure to stick around 'til the end!
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, Pumpkin Pie
I keep hunting for burnt orange lippies even though I already have about five that I love, but Pumpkin Pie is yet another well-loved addition. The formula is one of the best I have in my collection, so I've been wearing it quite often in the fall and winter. It also has micro specks of gold glitter, which are only really visible if you look super up close, but I'd say they definitely give the product a unique touch. I purchased a peachy nude shade as well, but I haven't been gravitating towards those colors lately.
L'Oreal Paris X Balmain Paris Lipstick, Fever
Speaking of burnt orange lipsticks, here's another one of my all-time favorites. It feels much more comfortable and creamy because it's in bullet form rather than liquid, so it's been my go-to for simple everyday looks in the colder seasons. It wears super long and it dries matte as well!
Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick, Old Flame
So, here's another orange lipstick - no surprise there, but it's the last one for this post. Dose of Colors is known for its high-quality liquid lip formula, so I figured I'd finally try it out and it definitely didn't disappoint! It's a bit lighter and more muted than the other two I just mentioned, but it's also a nice everyday lip option.
Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip, Mrs.
This one's more on the pinky coral side, but it's also another well-loved addition to my ever-growing liquid lipstick collection. Colourpop hardly ever disappoints especially in the lip department as you can probably tell from my previous monthly favorites.
Peri's Ink Velvet
I hardly purchase Asian makeup, but since I've transitioned to a much softer and more natural look, I've been trying to venture into Korean makeup and skin care. This one is sort of a lip tint/liquid lipstick but it feels much lighter than the usual liquid lip yet the pigmentation is quite opaque. It gives that diffused popsicle look, which makes it look like a natural "MLBB" shade.
Colourpop Pressed Powder Highlighter, TouchĂ©Pressed Powder Blush, Tulip to Quit
Aside from lip products, Colourpop also excels in blushes and highlights. While the blush from the Double Play palette remains as my top favorite, here's a more rosy option that I'd go for when I'm rocking pinker hues rather than peach. The highlight is a tiny bit outside my comfort zone as well because of the pink duochrome finish since I typically gravitate towards gold/champagne highlights. It gives quite a subtle glow compared to their other highlighters, so I usually wear this on my "no makeup" makeup days.
Colourpop Pressed Powder Shadow Palette, Double Entendre
I haven't had time to play around with eyeshadows lately, but when I do, I've been reaching for these new additions. I've been all about that subtle, Asian-inspired peachy look essentially the whole year, so these shadows are mostly right up that alley. 
I recently became a member of the e.l.f. Cosmetics Beauty Squad, which is an exclusive group of beauty influencers who receive PR packages from the brand. It was a super exciting moment because I've been a long-time supporter of e.lf. and it was one of the first brands I fell in love with when I first started wearing makeup in freshman year of high school! Some of my favorites so far came from their Active line and holiday collection. Primers typically don't impress me but this one somehow made my makeup stay intact throughout the day instead of making it feel oilier. The mist is also quite impressive although it has more refreshing properties rather than long-wearing. This peachy highlighter is also a really nice addition especially for those natural looking days because the sheen is quite subtle.
Colourpop Small Tapered Brush
I don't have a lot of fancy eye brushes so I always just work with what I have, but I figured I'd try one of Colourpop's fairly acclaimed brushes and picked up this tapered one. It's been my go-to brush for deepening the crease because it fits my lids perfectly and adds just the right amount of depth. 
Oval Face Brush
While I love my overpriced Beauty Blender, I've been applying my Fenty foundation with this brush because it provides fuller coverage. For something so inexpensive and from Forever 21, which I don't really trust when it comes to makeup, this brush is pretty impressive. The bristles are super soft and the size is perfect for reaching the crevices of my face but it's also large enough to cover the wider areas.
BEAUTYBLENDER blendercleanser® solid
I've grown impatient with washing my brushes and beauty blenders with regular hand soap, so I invested in this highly acclaimed soap bar and I don't think I'll ever go back. This solid cleanser washes my Beauty Blender entirely without me having to put so much effort and waste too much water. 
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++
A huge reason that my skin has been doing incredible lately is that I've been wearing this sunscreen every time I apply makeup and before I head out. When people say sunscreen is a must, they're not lying! It's honestly such an essential step in skin care because of its anti-aging and skin-protecting properties. I particularly recommend this one because it doesn't have that oily texture and foul sunscreen smell. It absorbs right into the skin and feels so soothing and hydrating much like a moisturizer. I highly recommend this sunscreen if the typical greasy texture and strong scent keep you from wearing one daily!
I've been seeing this silver metallic mask all over social media and I thought I'd use my Beauty Insider points in Sephora to claim this sample. It's definitely a fun and refreshing mask to put on and it also happens to have pore-tightening properties, which I'm very much in need of.
OPI DUO: Feeling Frisco & Coconuts Over OPI
As a nursing student, I haven't been wearing acrylic nails and nail polish lately because we're not allowed to, but whenever I do get a chance, I've been wearing this neutral shade that OPI sent me. I like to play it safe with nail polish colors by going with nudes because I've been all about that natural, subtle look this year.
Kimchi Blue Riki Ribbed Cropped Top
It never feels much like winter in California so I tend to shop for light knit sweaters. I rarely go to Urban Outfitters because it's a little more on the high-end side, but this sweater was on sale and it's exactly my kind of style. It's definitely been one of my favorite fall/winter pieces because of its unique vintage look! The cropped fit is great to pair with my favorite high-waisted jeans and shorts as well.
BDG Brendan Cozy Flannel Button-Down Shirt
I have quite a wide collection of flannels simply because I haven't been entirely satisfied with any of them, but I finally found the perfect vintage button-up that I've been looking for. I might've paid a pretty penny for this one, but it's worth it because it's also extremely comfortable!
Varsity Striped Fishnet Tights
An oversized sweater and tights/leggings pretty much constitute my everyday winter outfit. These active leggings have been cycling through my weekly outfits because they go well with any top. I especially love the fishnet detailing because it makes them look like thigh high socks, so they're perfect to pair with my big sweaters.
Women's dv Cayla Over the Knee Boots
I've been on a long hunt for the ideal pair of heeled thigh high boots and I finally found it at Target. These boots are super comfy and they hug my thighs perfectly! The chunky heels are also pretty much cluck-free, which is always a plus in my book. I haven't worn them as much as I'd like to this winter though because the weather's been super inconsistent.
Nike Roshe One
 I typically prefer heels over kicks any day, but ever since buying these Nike Roshes, I haven't worn any of my heels and other sneakers except on special occasions. These are perfect for school especially as a nursing student since I'm always on my feet. They also seem very durable, so I'm hoping these will last me through my clinicals next year.
MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Zip Mini Messenger Backpack
My parents got me my first Michael Kors bag this Christmas and I've been absolutely loving it. It's a super tiny backpack that basically functions as a wallet/handbag, so it's definitely been handy for trips where I don't need to bring much a.k.a. when I went to Disneyland.
The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur
Rupi Kaur's Milk & Honey touched me on such a profound level, so the moment she released her new book, I had to pre-order right away because she's such an astonishingly inspiring writer and truly one of my favorites. I bought this back in October but I didn't actually get to crack it open until winter break because I didn't have much time to read during my first quarter of nursing school. It definitely brings back Milk & Honey feels but with entirely new elements outside of self-empowerment. Rupi Kaur has such a unique way of telling her tragic yet uplifting story and making it relatable even for people without broken pasts.
Descanso Gardens Enchanted: Forest of Light
I went to quite a few incredible events these past few months, and one of the most unforgettable ones would definitely have to be the Enchanted: Forest of Light with my boyfriend. All I can say is that this place was so stunning and impeccably put together, and it's certainly a sight to see. You can read more about it in this post!
Daniel Caesar concert
I also got to attend my first legit concert recently and I'm so glad that it was one of my favorite R&B artists. Daniel Caesar's Freudian album has been on repeat in my Spotify ever since it came out, so it was absolutely amazing to see him sing my favorite songs live. His voice is just as soulful and flawless as it is in his records!
California Adventure & Disneyland
I got to visit Disneyland after 5 years as well but with a significant other for the first time. We bought a 2-day pass so we got to explore both the California Adventure park and Disneyland. This trip alone made my winter break worthwhile because we got to do so much in just two days and it was definitely an experience for the books. It's gonna be a long while until we go back, so we made sure to make the most out of these couple days!
DIY Christmas Exploding Box
I haven't done a DIY craft project in a really long time, but I'm glad that my first one in a while is quite a special one. I made this highly personal exploding box for my boyfriend this Christmas, and while I've made a few of these in the past, they weren't nearly as complex and individualized as this one. Visit this post to see the details of every component of this music-playing box! Essentially, everything is based on our past dates as well as future ones, which will make more sense if you just skim through the photos and GIFs of that blog entry. This is probably my favorite and proudest craft I've ever made because a lot of heart and soul was put into it in a span of a weekend. It definitely holds a lot of sentimental value from the music to the pictures, so I made sure to gather as many shots as I could before handing it to him. His reaction was absolutely priceless and exactly what I was hoping for, although it makes me wonder how I'm gonna raise the bar for my next gift.
Blue Grass & Fireflies
My boyfriend got me this enchanting print by Pascal CampĂ­on, who is a renowned French artist with a stunningly distinct art style. I have yet to frame it, but for now, it's been lying on my dresser as I admire its beauty. Y'all know how much I love the sight of lights especially when it's presented so aesthetically, so this work definitely taps into my sentimental, art-loving side. It also reminds me of our date at the Enchanted: Forest of Light along with that time when we went stargazing at the beach, so this piece holds even more sentimental value than he probably intended. He also made me this super cute and well-crafted collage of receipts and tickets from all of our dates these past few months, which will constantly remind me of the great memories we've made so far. My siblings may joke about how it's just a reminder of how much money we've spent together, but to me it's a vivid recollection of how amazing the last half of the year has been.

That concludes this year's favorites! I've got one more post to wrap up the year, so tune in because it's a heavy one. 2017 has truly been an unforgettable one and I just hope you guys feel the same way. I may have strayed away a bit from my blogger/influencer duties, but being distant from this lifestyle taught me to appreciate more important things outside social media. Although blogging is no longer my priority, I'm always grateful for my amazing loyal followers and brands who continue to work with me despite my inactiveness. This lifestyle is always going to be part of me somehow and if you continue to stick around, I can't thank you enough!

I hope y'all had an eventful year! 'Til next time.




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