Simple Travels: Parasailing ft. Rosegal

Today officially marks the last day of summer and I gotta say that this has been the most eventful one I've had in a while. Read more for the last summer adventure I took part in as well as details on this outfit in collaboration with Rosegal!

Casual Pure Color Hollow Out Knitwear
My friend Tina and I have placed parasailing on top of our summer bucket list ever since the school year ended, but we somehow put it off 'til the very last minute. No regrets though because it happened to be the perfect way to end our summer vacation before we head off to another stressful year at university. 

Not gonna lie that I'm slightly scared of heights, so going up 800 ft. from the ocean was a tiny bit intimidating, but the view from up there was absolutely breathtaking and serene. We were overlooking the vast ocean and cityscape of Newport Beach with no other noise but the wind and it was such a peaceful sight and feeling. Parasailing itself didn't last very long, but we were in the boat for quite a while which I can't complain about because we saw so many seals and got to hang out with others who shared the same new experience. 

It's probably best to go in swimwear just in case you wanna get soaked in the water upon landing, but I decided to wear this lightweight sweater from Rosegal because it was pretty chilly up there, so I figured that it'd be the perfect coverup over my swim top. We ended up just dipping our feet so I guess it worked out!

If you want to experience a beautiful sight of the ocean in an adventurous way, I definitely recommend going parasailing. It's pricy... I know, but I'd say it's worth it for the sake of having new experiences and crossing things off your adventure bucket list. If you're on a budget, you can actually do it for free on your birthday if you go to Balboa Parasail at Newport Beach (not sponsored, just hooking you up with a great deal), so make sure to take advantage of it especially if your birthday falls on a sunny day with very minimal wind!

I truly had a great summer spent with good friends, family, and even some new unforgettable experiences that I got to have as a blogger. I have yet to write about my getaway at Malibu, which I know is already 2 months overdue but I'll eventually post the vlog so stay tuned! I hope you guys had an eventful summer as well, and if not, make the rest of the year count.

'Til next time!




  1. Sounds fun! Definitely a cool way to end the summer. Great post. :)


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