August 2016 Favorites

August officially marks back-to-school season but I surprisingly don't have that much to share this month as far as college beauty/fashion essentials go. Nonetheless, I've still gathered up a few things that I've been consistently using for the past few weeks. Keep reading for this month's faves!
Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow DuoKink & Kisses
 Influenster hooked it up once again with yet another Marc Jacobs gem. I was head-over-heels for the glow stick highlighter so I had very high hopes for this blush, and as expected, I ended up loving it as well. Not only is the packaging absolutely fabulous, but the formula is just as impressive with its high pigmentation and blendability. The color is perfect for any look or season, so this blush will definitely be well-loved all year.
House of Lashes Lash Adhesive - Disney Tinker Bell Collection
The regular white lash adhesive by House of Lashes is my all-time favorite eyelash glue so I thought I'd order another one. I ended up getting the special Tinker Bell edition instead because the packaging just looked so stunning but the formula is essentially the same.
Koko LashesQueen B
While Featherette by House of Lashes will always be one of my top faves, these super full and fluttery wispies by Koko Lashes easily climbed that list. They're all I've been wearing for the past couple weeks even though they add quite a bit of drama to an everyday look but I just love how full and wispy they are!
derma|e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask
I swear by derma|e because of their all-natural ingredients that never give me any irritation. This charcoal mask is especially one of my favorite skin care products ever, which says a lot because I can never make up my mind about skin care since I'm hardly patient enough to stick to one product. This, however, is absolutely amazing. I've tried so many masks that always dry like cement on my face but this one doesn't do that at all. It's not a peel-off mask but it's as gentle as one. Once it's dry, I'm still able to move my face without it feeling like the mask is constricting it and giving me premature wrinkles. If there's anything you need to buy from the line, definitely get this one!
derma|e Microdermabrasion Scrub
Another one of my faves is their Microdermabrasion Scrub because it really gets the job done. The exfoliating particles are extremely tiny so they feel quite gentle compared to most facial scrubs. It also has a slight cooling sensation which is nice for a weekly nighttime spa routine.
Forever 21 High Impact Sports Bra
I've never been into sportswear because 1 - they typically cost a pretty penny, and 2 - I hardly engage in any kind of physical activity. However, this sports bra was too cute to pass up on so I ordered an XS from Forever 21 and it's literally the most perfect-fitting top I own. It's also quite stylish with the strappy detailing and back cutouts and it definitely gives a little push as you can see (there's normally nothing there).
Wet Seal Printer Swing Tank, Mauve
As I mentioned in my recent collective haul, this is my first flowy tank top and I've been styling it as much as I could while summer's still here. It's just a really cute and simple top that can be paired with virtually any bottoms.
Forever 21 Contemporary Paisley Kimono
I've been all about short shift dresses this summer and this one has certainly been my most worn. I especially love pairing it with this gorgeous kimono for an effortless boho look. The colors just complement each other so well that the pieces seem like they were made together.

And that wraps up August! It hasn't been the most eventful month, but I'm about to get super busy with school which means less time to invest into this blog. I have a couple of products reviews queued up though and some collaborations, so stay tuned! 'Til next time.




  1. Great post! I really like the pink top from Wet Seal. :)


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