Rosegal High Waisted Halter Printed Bikini Set

Bikini season is slowly coming to an end, but Rosegal was kind enough to send me this stunning set that's definitely up my alley. Keep reading for more photos and details on these pieces!

I'm all about high waisted bottoms, so naturally this set stood out to me. It's the perfect bikini for a nice tropical getaway because of the sleek print and vibrant colors. The bottom fits me like a glove and if there's anything that I absolutely love about it, it's the tasteful strappy detailing that I always look for in a swim suit. The top definitely needs some minor adjustments because the band is way too wide, but it's nothing that a little sewing and pinning can't fix. I truly do wish I received with swim set sooner this summer so I could actually style it, but I'm sure it'll be well-loved the following year!

Check out Rosegal for more of these stylish pieces! Their items are extremely affordable and good-quality, so if you're on a tight budget this fall, you'll definitely find tons of gems in this store.

Stay tuned for more of my collaboration with Rosegal! 'Til next time!



  1. I adore the summer vibe in this printed bikini!

  2. The swim suit is so pretty! Great post. :)


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