Collective Fall/Winter 2015 Try-on Clothing Haul

Seeing how massive my last collective haul was, I swore to myself to take it down a notch next time, but fall's my absolute favorite season as far as fashion goes so I couldn't resist! Besides, what would the start of fall semester be without some back-to-school shopping? As you can tell, this haul is long overdue - as in a majority of these pieces already made their way to my Instagram months ago, so the amount of stuff I'll be showing is actually pretty reasonable... at least for a typical fashion enthusiast. Without further ado, here are some things I bought for fall all the way to the end of winter!
Burgundy Baseball Tee - TJ Maxx
I've been all about loose comfy tees last fall when I'm not up for an all-out bohemian look. I love how casual this baseball tee is because of the soft Brandy Melville-esque material. It's easily become one of my go-to lazy day tops for any season!
Navy Flannel - TJ Maxx
It's not fall without a good old flannel, so I figured I'd add another one to my wardrobe. This still doesn't have that grungy vintage wash I've been hopelessly looking for, but it's a nice addition to my collection nonetheless.
Brianna Navy Bandaged Bikini Set - Forever Unique
I've worked with Forever Unique quite a few times now, and the stuff they send me seems to be getting better every time. I absolutely adore this strappy bikini set, particularly the top because it can also be worn as a bralette and it'd be perfect for raves as well! Unfortunately, the bottom is quite loose and it gives me a very unflattering silhouette.
Navy Off-Shoulder Crop Top - Hollister
I've actually only worn this in pictures since I can't seem to find the perfect time to wear it, but you guys know I'm a sucker for off-shoulder necklines, so this one's no surprise.
Lightweight Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Crop Top - LE3NO
LE3NO sent me this basic crop top to review and another one to giveaway if you recall my style post on it a few months back. It's surely gonna come in handy for this season because it's a crop top and a thermal at the same time, which couldn't be more perfect for fall and winter here in southern California.
Cream Floral A-Line Dress - AMI Club Wear
This dress and the next three items were sent to me by AMI Club Wear, all of which I've done style posts for. I chose this lovely all-lace dress because I wanted something conservative enough for fancy family gatherings yet not too formal. It's also a nice addition to my collection of long-sleeved dresses and it would be perfect for any season and occasion.
Red Multi Plaid Belted Top - AMI Club Wear
I absolutely love the wash and color scheme of this flannel but the fit is more like a coat rather than an oversized button-up that I was hoping for, but it's still great for fall nonetheless.
Black & White Floral 2 Piece Set - AMI Club Wear
I got this two-piece set simply because I don't quite have anything like it. It's a bit outside my comfort zone, but I think it would be a cute set for some kind of semi-formal event.
Black Knotted Side Tie Floppy Hat - AMI Club Wear
I got yet another floppy hat that I'll most likely never wear because it's way too big for my head, so it'll probably just end up accumulating dust in my closet.
Orange Tribal Crop Top - Thrifted
I finally went thrifting and found this store where everything is less than $3. To my surprise, I found this super cute and edgy crop top that definitely speaks to my style. I've worn this a couple times on my Instagram including the time I went to the OC Fair.
Oversized Button Tee - Thrifted
Here's another steal I found which I wore quite a lot in the last few weeks of summer, especially on those lazy lab days when I didn't really care about how I looked.
BCBG Max Azria Plum Top - Goodwill
I also found this stunning purple top at another thrift store and I immediately had to get it because 1) it's by Max Azria and we all know his pieces are super pricey and 2) I adore flowy long-sleeved pieces. This one happens to fit me like a dress which I certainly don't mind because it almost looks like a romper.
Byrony Border Print Fluted Sleeve Playsuit - Boohoo
Speaking of rompers, here's another heavily bohemian-inspired piece that I obviously had to get. It's got strappy detailing, bell sleeves, botanical patterns, and a great fit for my petite frame. Check out my style post here!
Forever Young Girls Binded Bandeau One Piece - Coco Rave
I recently worked with a lovely company called Coco Rave Swimwear, and I fell head-over-heels for the pieces they sent me particularly this one-piece swimsuit. Here's a full review and more photos of the two pieces I got!
Forever Young Girls Crop Top - Coco Rave
Since I'm not completely comfortable with wearing bikini tops, I typically gravitate towards midkinis or crop tops. Plus, not only do I get to wear them while swimming but also when I'm strolling around the beach. This one's definitely more spring and summer-appropriate, so I'll probably have to wait a few months to style it. 
Boho Floral Romper - eBay
I'm starting to have an unhealthy obsession with rompers even though it's incredibly difficult for me to find the perfect fit because of my shorter torso. However, this one looks just right perhaps because it's from Asia and they tend to make their pieces smaller than average over there. Anyway, this piece is so my style, so I definitely wore it a ton in the fall and I'd get compliments every time! You can also order this in different colors on where you can get a sweet 10% off discount using the code sondeli.
Navy Vintage Floral Loose Kimono - She In
I didn't notice that this kimono had the exact same print as the romper even though I bought them from separate sites. I guess I was really into the navy color and feather print when I ordered them! This piece is the perfect coverup for fall because the material is not too thin but also thick enough to wear over crop tops and shorts. It's a bit longer than most of my kimonos, but I actually like how it provides more coverage.
Wool Boater Hat - Forever 21
I've been looking for sturdy wide-brim hats that actually fit my head and this one happened to be perfect! It's been a go-to accessory especially with simple outfits that need just a little bit more edge.
Arrow & Horse Shoe Stud Set - Forever 21
If there's any kind of jewelry that I love to wear, it's brassy pieces like these dainty bohemian earrings. The ones I'm wearing in the picture are the sparkly ones, but I've probably worn the heart studs the most. I'm definitely planning to get more piercings probably until they're both full, so these will come in handy for sure!
Strappy Sports Bra - Ross
I don't really wear sports bras because they typically don't have padding, but this one has quite a thick one and it also has some cute strappy detailing in the back.
Boho Mini Hoop Earrings - Charlotte Russe
You're probably sick of hearing me say "bohemian," but here's yet another bohemian set of earrings that I impulsively ordered during Charlotte Russe's Labor Day sale. It was quite cheap for a set of four gorgeous pieces!
Steve Madden Heeled Combat Boots - Burlington
I went to Burlington and found these amazing heeled combat boots for such a steal. They're by Steve Madden yet I only got them for about $30! It's definitely another pair that I've been gravitating towards these past two seasons!
Cream Faux Leather Backpack - Ross
The beginning of fall semester got me thinking that I needed a new bag, so I bought this cream leather canvas backpack. After all, it goes well with any outfit especially neutrals! It's also quite spacey, so it fits my Macbook, notebooks, and other miscellaneous school stuff I need on a daily basis.
My first year at UCI started in Fall 2015, and what better way to kick off the new quarter than receiving a free hoodie? If you've ever walked into your college campus bookstore, you'd know how insanely expensive these things cost, so to get it for free was pretty insane. 

Get the Label sent me this super chic purse, which I've been styling quite a lot lately especially because it's the perfect season to wear dark plum hues. Check out my blog post here!
Target Fringe Kimono
I wasn't planning on buying clothes from Target at all, but I spotted this stunning sienna fringe kimono and bought it in an instant because it seemed like the ideal fall piece. It's got fringes, suede, and that rusty fall color!
This was completely an impulse buy, but I've been meaning to get a new messenger bag for school when I'm not feeling the backpack. This one's ten times more comfortable and actually pretty spacious.
Boho Floral Print Jumpsuit - eBay
I bought yet another long-sleeved romper, but in my defense, this one totally screams fall fashion. The gorgeous burgundy color, boho print, and criss-cross detailing are to die for! The quality is also significantly higher than the other romper I bought from eBay, which is really impressive for something that came from China and costed less than $20!
Lyn Crochet Bralette - Artist's Cloth
The lovely and incredibly talented Angelina from Fashion Freedom (with whom I happened to go to high school) sent me two stunning pieces from her shop, Artist's Cloth. I've been eyeing this crochet bralette since summer and even though it's not the most fall/winter-appropriate top, I think I can work with it with some layering. Use my coupon code SONDELI for 20% off!
Earring Set - Claire's
I've been a lot more into minimalistic earrings lately rather than the stylish boho drop earrings that I would wear every day... perhaps because my piercing collection keeps growing. I actually got two more since I last took these pictures and I definitely plan on adding more in the future!
UCI had these little clothing boutiques near the student center and the huge sales obviously drew me in. I got this pair of super comfy printed pants that have been my go-to for lazy days.
I found this Brandy Melville dupe for only $8 which is such a steal! They feel just as soft so I've been wearing them when I'm just lounging around the house since they're a little too tiny to wear anywhere else.

I've been wanting a fuzzy faux fur vest for the wintertime and I found the absolute perfect one and for a very reasonable price ($25)! It's extremely soft and super versatile, so I'll probably be wearing this a ton with my collection of turtlenecks that you're about to see in the next several photos.
I've heard of G-Stage a lot through Instagram, but I actually came across the store near me so I had to drop by and check it out. I ended up leaving with this oversized cardigan to add to my ever-expanding collection.
I have a thing for strappy bralettes, so any variation that I don't already own, I immediately grab it especially when it's under $5! This one's more of a dressy design, which I'd say is perfect for the holidays.
Black Lace Bralette - SheInside
Speaking of bralettes, I also have a thing for lacy ones and this is definitely the kind that's ideal to wear under loose tank tops and off-the-shoulder sweaters because of the dainty detailing that peeks through.
Caged Back Seamless Bralette - Wet Seal
Okay, obviously I have a thing for all kinds of bralettes and here's just another one of those strappy variations. I'll be getting a lot more use out of this in the summertime when I'm wearing open-back dresses, but it's still a great layering piece for any season.
Caged Back O-Ring Seamless Bralette - Wet Seal
To further prove that I have an unhealthy obsession with bralettes, here's yet another one with a nice strappy back. In my defense, it's in a different, non-neutral color this time!
Southwestern Microsuede Short - Rue 21
This one's somewhat of an impulse buy since it was only $7 + free shipping on, so I couldn't resist even though I don't particularly have any outfits in mind with this pair of shorts. I actually bought them a few months ago and I have yet to think of a way to style them.

Falling Feathers Tank - ootdfash
I had a brief muscle tee phase in the summer, but I thought I'd carry it along in the fall and wintertime for layering. I like how this one has that vintage feel, so it's great to style with rugged oversized button-ups and distressed bottoms.
Kiki V-Neck Knit Sweater - Sweet Mayhem
It was sweater dress season just a couple months ago, so I thought I'd cop a few new ones including this super cute top from Sweet Mayhem. It's a bit overpriced for the sheer quality, but I made the most out of it by wearing it all throughout fall and winter.
Hazel Knit Shawl Cardigan - Sweet Mayhem
I didn't know how thin the material was until I received this cardigan, so I'll probably have to wait until spring and summer to actually wear it out. Nonetheless, it's super cute and it'll be perfect to style with sundresses and crop tops.

Oversized Burgundy Knit Sweater - Forever 21
Since it's been sporadically chilly in California throughout winter, I got another sweater dress in a much thicker knit material. This one actually keeps me warm, so it's much more suitable for the cold.
Fuzzy Turtleneck Sweater - Forever 21
I've been eyeing fuzzy sweaters all winter and this one just happened to be in turtleneck form as well, which is pretty much the start of my obsession as you'll see in a bit.

Short Turtleneck Sweater - H&M
As you'll see in the next several photos, my turtleneck addiction gets real. Here's just one of the many that I've been wearing this past season and certainly one of my favorites because of the deep burgundy color and cropped fit. I love how I can style it casually and with dressier outfits as well.

Lucy Turtleneck Crop Jumper - Boohoo
For some reason, this took forever to deliver and I usually don't have to wait that long for Boohoo orders despite the fact that it's all the way from the UK. Anyway, this top is a lot more cropped so I get to wear it with some of my favorite high-waisted bottoms!
Mock Neck Crop Top With Long Sleeves - Wet Seal
Here's a more classic spin on the trend as you can see from the basic light-wash color. I typically style it with some good old ripped denim jeans and I sometimes layer it under a textured knit cardigan.
Ribbed Knit Mock Neck Crop Top - Wet Seal
Wet Seal kept having these amazing holiday sales so I ordered yet another turtleneck sweater with comfy ribbed material. 
Striped Crop Turtleneck Sweater & Oversized Utility Jacket - Fashion Q
Here's the last of my unreasonably extensive turtleneck collection (for now). Since I pretty much already have all the solid colors that I'd wear on a daily basis, I thought I'd get one in my favorite pattern this time because I can never have too many stripes in my wardrobe. I've also been searching for an affordable utility jacket for the longest time and I finally found one at Fashion Q! It was only around $20, which is pretty impressive for its quality. This has definitely been my go-to outerwear in the fall/winter.

Camilla (Taupe) - Lola Shoetique
I thought I should stray away from black ankle boots for once and go for some neutral booties, so I ordered these from Lola Shoetique a while back. They don't fit me the best since they're 0.5 inch larger than my size, but it's not too bad. The only thing that bothers me is that they do not look cute with socks because of the open, strappy sides, but the heels don't make any clucking noises at all, so I guess that makes up for it.
Asymmetrical Cocoon Cardigan - Charlotte Russe
Most of my cardigans don't offer much warmth surprisingly, so I needed one that would actually keep me cozy for the wintertime and this one happened to be the perfect material. It's so soft and fuzzy I could sleep in it (I actually have).

Oversized Plaid Button-Up - Forever 21
I have a narrow selection of flannels in my closet and while I wear them quite often, they're not the vintage, oversized kind that I've been looking for. Fortunately, I finally found one that comes pretty damn close.

Distressed Skinny Jeans - Bodilove
Bodilove sent me this distressed pair of jeans to review, which I'm really thankful for because I've been wanting to get back to wearing jeans again, but for some reason, I can't find most of the ones I have even though I know I have tons from years back. I've been wearing either leggings or thigh high socks for the past few months, so it's nice to go back to denim once in a while. Check out my style post here!
Faux Suede Thigh High Boots - AMI Club Wear
AMI Club Wear sent me this chic pair of thigh high boots, which is the kind I've been wanting all winter. I sold the only thigh highs I had because I didn't like how they fit my legs, but these are a lot more snug which is pretty much all I was looking for. If only they had them in black, too!
Rocksbox was kind enough to offer me a free 3-month membership that I definitely enjoyed during the holidays. All of the pieces were absolutely stunning I wish I could've kept them! If you've never heard of this subscription service, they basically send you a box of a variety of jewelry pieces based on your preferences and you have a month to decide which ones you want to purchase and keep. If you don't want to keep anything, just send the box back over to them before the month is up, and the cycle repeats. You pretty much have a month to wear these pieces as much as you'd like, but just make sure that you return them in perfect condition.
Ornate Lace-Up Front Romper - Forever 21
Just when I thought I was on a break from mindlessly purchasing rompers that don't even fit me perfectly, I found this one at Forever 21 when it was on sale and as always, the boho vibes drew me in. Winter's not exactly the perfect season to dress like a bohemian princess, but I'm definitely going to make this a spring and summer staple.

Enticing Ways (Stone) - Lola Shoetique
I've pretty much been wearing boots since fall started, so I thought I'd take a little break and go for something that's appropriate for both hot and cold weather. I definitely don't have anything like these in my shoe collection let alone in this color, so I'm excited to make it my everyday pair for anything casual.
Off-the-Shoulder Ribbed Knit Top - Charlotte Russe
 I bought this back in November, but I never got the chance to wear it because I just didn't like how it looked on me for some reason. It's also not the most comfortable top because it's hard to keep up the off-shoulder look, so I just put it up for sale on my Vinted. Check it out if you're interested in buying! Price is negotiable.

V-Neck Lace-Up Sweater - Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe had a huge winter blowout sale with free shipping, so I placed an order on this casual oversized sweater because I can never have enough. In my defense, I actually don't have a sweater in this olive green color, so I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it maybe even until spring. It's also got a nice open back and lace-up detailing, which adds so much more character to a basic piece.
It's been a year since I bought my current pair of glasses that I never really liked that much in the first place, so I purchased this pair of chic clubmasters, which is a style that I've always wanted to get.  

Bryant - NORA NYC
NoraNYC reached out to me on Instagram and asked me to be a #NoraChic, a.k.a. a brand influencer/affiliate. It's a stunning designer brand so I definitely didn't have to think twice about joining the team!
Betty Oversized Sweatshirt (Brown) - ootdfash
As you can tell, oversized sweaters have been an absolute winter essential in my book, so naturally I added yet another one to my ever-growing collection. The great thing about this one though is that it works for all seasons because of the semi-sheer, lightweight fabric. I can layer with it in the wintertime or wear it as is when it gets hotter. Plus, the terracota/deep mustard color provides the perfect balance of warm undertones for spring and summer and earthy muted undertones for fall and winter.

I recently got a volunteer position at my local hospital and the uniform required a pair of white jeans and white or blue tennis shoes, so I took advantage of that requirement and purchased these pieces that I can also easily wear outside of volunteering.

My 21st birthday was just a few weeks ago and a couple of my friends got me this flowy cardigan that definitely speaks to my style as well as this little burgundy purse that I was very much in need of. 
Purple Black Floral Mesh Print Push Up Cute 2Pc. Bikini - AMI Club Wear
AMI Club Wear's one of my most trusted brands to collaborate with because they always happen to have my back whenever a new season begins. They're kicking off spring with a swimsuit campaign for bloggers, and I'm beyond grateful that I always get to be a part of it. Because of my love for anything strappy, I chose this gorgeous bikini set that thankfully fits me like a glove. I can't wait for spring break so I can wear this chic piece!

Before I buy any more clothes that will only expand this haul even more, I think I'll just end it here. The beginning of this haul actually dates back as far as the end of last summer, so you can certainly tell how long I've been putting this blog post on hold. Oh well, better late than never! I hope you enjoyed this haul nonetheless because I probably won't have another big one until summer. 'Til next time!

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