Collective Spring to Summer Clothing Haul (Try-on)

This massive haul clearly means that I failed to stand by my New Year's resolution which was to try to control my shopping habits. I'm definitely having a long retail hiatus after this one, so these items will mostly likely be my last for a while. With that said, here's my collective spring + summer haul that I've been building up since the beginning of the year. Read more for everything that I got!
Oversized Baseball Tee - Qrew
I was never the sporty kind, but I always wanted to get into some of the athletic fashion trends lately. I've been looking for a varsity tee with striped sleeves but all I could find are ones with jersey numbers or sports logos which are a bit too boyish for me. I finally saw this plain one that I find quite unique because of the flowy tunic fit and flared 3/4 sleeves that add more of a feminine touch to such a masculine trend.
Brass Dangling Earrings - LA Fashion District
I got this pair of dainty earrings from LA fashion district because it was only around a dollar and I'm a huge fan of earthy vintage jewelry. Brassy pieces are my favorite accessories to wear because they're so versatile and unique, and they're perfect for casual wear as opposed to shiny gold or silver jewelry.

Crop Tops - Christmas presents
One of my best friends got me these two tops which are both in size medium, so they don't fit me too well especially the blue crop top, but I was actually able to modify it with a little pinning and sewing. The floral top is flowy so the size doesn't matter much. Nonetheless, they're both super cute and they're absolutely perfect for summer!
Basic Highwaisted Lightwash Shorts - Vinted
I found myself persistently searching online for high-waisted denim shorts one night and I ended up buying this pair from Vinted. It was only $5, so it wouldn't have been much of a damage if it didn't fit properly. Thankfully though, the owner provided me with exact measurements which perfectly matched mine. It's still not the super high-waisted vintage pair of shorts that I'm looking for, but it's a classic denim piece that I think everyone needs in their closet.
Highwaisted Jeggings (DIY shorts) - Garage Clothing
Garage Clothing had an amazing sale on denims from which I scored these retro high waisted jeans (at least they used to be jeans) for only $10. I was super excited because I don't have too many high waisted jeans in my closet let alone in this color, so it seemed like the perfect addition. Unfortunately, it didn't fit nearly as tight on me as I expected. As seen on the website, it's supposed to be form-fitting all around, but it had quite a baggy fit everywhere else but on my waist. They clearly didn't work for me, but at least I gained another awesome addition to my high waisted shorts collection. When in doubt, just turn ill-fitting jeans into shorts!

Maroon Backpack - TJ Maxx
You might have caught a glimpse of this beauty on my December favorites, so it's technically something I bought last year but it's so perfect for spring and summer that I decided to squeeze it into this haul. I don't think I would buy any other bag for a long time because I know I'm gonna use this for any occasion. It may not be a neutral color, but I can honestly see it going perfectly with any outfit. One of my favorite features about it is that it can be used as a backpack and a purse! Definitely a bang for the buck. Gotta love TJ Maxx.

Triangl Bikini Milly in Indiana Ice
Triangl, the top swimwear brand all over Instagram, sent me this stunning bikini as a gift. I didn't have to write a review or post anything on Instagram to receive it which was quite surprising, but you guys should know by now that I write about anything I truly love just for the heck of it, so I ended up doing a full entry on it anyway. Read all about it here!
Cropped Lace Camisole - TJ Maxx
I was looking around TJ Maxx (big surprise) and found this $3 lace cami which I obviously had to grab because it was insanely cheap and I felt like I needed more basic crop tops for layering.
Firmoo #F020
I've had my old broken glasses for over 2 years now, so it was about time for me to replace them since I recently updated my prescription. I got the frames for free from Firmoo as part of their "free first pair" deal, but I had to pay for the lenses, extras, and shipping, which all came out to be about $30. Pretty fair price for a chic pair of specs! Since the only shipping option was express, it was delivered within a week which is pretty impressive considering that it's all the way from China.
Blue Aqua Crop Roller Jegging - Garage Clothing
Despite my crappy first experience with Garage's jeans, I managed to get myself to purchase another pair, but thankfully, this one turned out to have the perfect fit as you can see. I figured I'd buy a cropped one since it would be the perfect length for my height, and I'm so glad that the bottom hem stops right at my ankles because that never happens. There was an awkward little flare on the very bottom though, but it was nothing that my mediocre sewing skills couldn't fix. The waist area is a tad bit too tight since I bought a 00 (I'm usually a 0-1) so I certainly wouldn't wear this when I know I'm gonna get bloated. The end result is shown above and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out! It gives such a flattering silhouette because it's so form-fitting and it hugs me right on the waist.
Strappy Caged Padded Bralette - eBay
I've been wanting a criss-cross bralette since last summer, but I couldn't seem to find any at a reasonable price, so I went to eBay where I found one for only $6. It arrived in only a few days, too! It's supposed to be one-size-fits-all, but it fits me pretty well if not a little tight, so I think it's geared more towards small to X-small.
Cold Shoulder Peasant Top - Wet Seal
All of my closest friends live in the valley, so I wasn't able to celebrate my 20th birthday with them this year. I was never one to throw a party, so the best way I could spend the day was to go through some major retail therapy. It was my first time at the Westfield Mainplace, so I ended up buying quite a few things. The first thing I was on a hunt for was this white peasant top from Wet Seal, which is almost identical to the one I bought and sold a few months ago. I'm not exactly sure why I sold it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping this one for good! It's not a dress on me for once, which I actually prefer because I get to wear it with a pair of frilly spring shorts.
Abstract Mosaic Print Shorts - Forever 21
Speaking of frilly spring shorts, this pair isn't exactly what I had in mind, but something about it really made me want to buy it. It's not particularly my style because it's a little too girly than what I'd usually wear, but I think I had a specific outfit in mind that would go perfectly with these... but who knows, I might just end up selling it.
Fringed Crochet Vest - Forever 21
I'm sure we've all bought something by impulse because it looked absolutely gorgeous on the mannequin display... this vest was definitely one of those instances. The mannequin was wearing a pumpkin-colored off shoulder dress layered with this fringe vest and topped off with a tan floppy hat and some edgy ankle boots. If you've visualized that in your mind, I'm sure you would've bought this as well especially if you're into boho chic fashion.
Antique Statement Necklace - Foreign Exchange
I'm not much of an accessorizer, but I absolutely fell in love with this necklace the second I saw it. I think the vintage and rustic elements make it so stunningly unique that I just had to buy it in an instant. For a gorgeous statement necklace, it was quite inexpensive as well. The cashier even gave me a little discount for my birthday!
Crochet Shorts - DIY
These shorts are actually super old, like... middle school old, but they used to be jeans that are way too tight on me now, so I cut them and added some lace detailing from Etsy for a more spring-appropriate look. I'm pretty content with how it came out, although the lace trim is a lot more frilly than I anticipated.
Lola Acid Distressed High Waisted Shorts - Shop Gracie
I've always wanted a pair of distressed acid wash shorts and I finally found one on Shop Gracie. It's quite pricy for a pair of shorts, but they had a free shipping deal and I never really find any in stores that fit me well. Unfortunately, this didn't fit me well either, so I'm gonna have to sell it on Vinted & Poshmark.

Boho Necklaces - Wet Seal
Wet Seal had a huge discount on accessories one day, so I purchased a set of boho necklaces for half off as well as a set of flash tattoos. I've been super into necklaces lately which can be pretty damaging because knowing myself, I'm gonna end up buying one after another in a span of weeks.
Cropped Lace Cami - TJ Maxx
 I don't know what made me think why I needed any more black bralettes, but I ended up getting this cropped lace cami probably because it was less than $5 at TJ Maxx. It's the perfect bralette to wear with loose tank tops because it displays a peek of the pretty lace details on the sides.
Lightwash Highwaisted Shorts - Target
I got yet another pair of high waisted shorts... from the girls' section at Target. Don't judge, but I have proportions of a 12-year-old boy so this fits me quite perfectly and it was also super cheap. It's not the ultra highwaisted fit that I'd normally prefer, but it'll do. Also, is anyone else as disturbed as I am that they make booty shorts like these for little girls?!

Meet Your Mesh High Waisted Bottom - Go Jane
 I usually just wear shorts when I'm at the beach or pool, but ever since the high waisted bikini trend made a comeback, I've been on a restless hunt for one. This was quite reasonably priced and it has super cute mesh detailing on the sides which makes it a little less conservative but still not as revealing as the ones with strappy details. I wish they had an XS though because this one feels slightly loose, but it's not really noticeable. The shipping was incredibly quick, too. It was supposed to arrive in a week or so, but it only took 2 days.

ASOS High Waisted Swim Bottom
The day I received my Go Jane order, I came across this other high waisted bottom on Threadflip which I found even more adorable because of the criss-cross design in the front. It was very cheap especially for a brand new ASOS piece, so I just had to! I actually ended up selling the Go Jane bottom since this one has a much better fit as you can see below.
Midi Bikini Top - Target
I've been going to Target more often than usual last month, and I would contemplate on buying this bikini top every time. I have a similar midkini-style top that I bought several months ago, but I wasn't really feeling it anymore, so I sold it on Vinted. This one has a much more flattering fit and doesn't have pointy cups, so I finally decided to just purchase it.

Valentina Sexy Tee in Black - Yasmin Joseph Lingerie
Apparently, this is my lucky year (which never happens) because I've won quite a few giveaways already, including this one from Hapatime who happens to be one of my favorite bloggers! It's a $60 bra which is ridiculously way above my budget for lingerie, so I was very fortunate to have won something this expensive (for a bra anyway). It's one of those T-shirt styles, so it's extremely comfortable!
Faded Flower Crown - Forever 21
I also ended up buying this flower crown from Forever 21 specifically for a photo shoot that I recently did. Check it out here! If I were to go to a music festival like Coachella, I'd pack this in my travel bag for sure.
Abstract Leaf Print Tunic Top - Forever Unique
Forever Unique sent me this swimsuit coverup which I actually didn't expect to receive. It was probably my last choice, but at least I received something! It's a bit too gaudy for my taste, but it is super beach-appropriate and the kimono style is definitely something I'd wear. Unfortunately, it looks a lot better on the hanger than it does on me.
Muscle Tee - Ross
I don't own any muscle tees at all, so when I came across this edgy tank top at Ross, I thought I'd buy something a little outside my comfort zone. I actually ended up being quite obsessed with this that I can sense an impending muscle tee collection coming along. Not only does it have a cool graphic on the front, but it also has jersey mesh detailing in the back along with a touch of fringe that makes it a very unique piece. I personally think it looks especially great with boyfriend jeans or any ripped bottoms.
Tribal Kimono - Ross
I also grabbed this kimono at Ross... not that I needed any more in my collection. I figured I'd get a tribal chiffon one that I can just throw on easily with anything. Plus, it was only $7.99!
Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Crop Top - Charlotte Russe
I bought this really adorable crop top online when Charlotte Russe was having a free shipping deal. I also caught it on sale for half off, so I only paid about $11. You all know how I feel about off-shoulder pieces, so this shouldn't be surprising.
DIY Muscle Tee
I thrifted this T-shirt a long time ago, but with some DIY cutting and distressing, it's definitely a new addition to my closet. Now that I've discovered the beauty and comfort of muscle tees, I can't help but turn a couple of my old T-shirts into grungy tops like this!
DIY Muscle Tee
Here's another DIY muscle tee using a top that I've never worn. I'm not too fond of wearing regular T-shirts, so I decided to upcycle this one.
DIY Shredded Leggings
I was about to buy a pair of distressed leggings online until I realized that I could easily DIY it. I have quite a few leggings lying around, so I grabbed one to shred and came up with this. I think it's the perfect bottom piece for spring and summer if I'm not wearing shorts because they're very lightweight and airy. I've also been wearing them with basic tees and muscle tanks because they easily make any outfit look edgy.
Blue Asphalt Cuffed Denim Shorts - Wet Seal
I explored the Del Amo Fashion Center for the first time (I think) and I only ended up buying two things, which is pretty surprising considering how massive that mall is. I know I really don't need any more distressed denims, but Wet Seal had a $15 sale on all shorts so I couldn't resist buying a pair. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to buying shorts because I like them snug and teeny tiny, which is quite hard to find because of my petite frame. Luckily, Wet Seal happens to be one of the few stores that carries a wide selection of shorts that perfectly fit me. I do wish they had my size in a darker wash though since this looks pretty similar to the Target shorts that I just bought.
LA Muscle Tee - Fashion Q
I decided to go to this mall pretty much to check out Fashion Q because it's nowhere to be found in my vicinity, but their selections were quite disappointing compared to their other stores, so I just ended up buying this LA muscle tee that I'm sure will be another staple in my spring and summer wardrobe.
Forever 21 Cherry Blossom Woven Kimono - Vinted
It looks like this floral kimono that I've been eyeing since last year was restocked recently in Forever 21 and I was too late once again... or maybe it's just way too popular that it sold out that fast. Luckily, I finally found one at Poshmark for about the same price! I don't know what it is about this kimono that made me go out of my way to look for it everywhere online. I have tons of chiffon kimonos, but there's just something about this one that I really, really liked.
Black Faux Suede Lace, Western Style Oval Conchos
I've been seeing concho belts everywhere in tons of Coachella photos, and I really wanted one for myself because it's the perfect bohemian accessory to add to a simple outfit. Since the prices can get pretty up there due to the vintage aspect of the conchos, I decided to buy pendants and a leather suede lace instead so I can just make my own. Here's the finished DIY!
Basic Denim Jeans - TJ Maxx
If you're ever looking for amazing deals on jeans, TJ Maxx is the place. I got this pair for only $12 when it was originally $40! Plus, it's cropped so it's the perfect length for me and it also has a super skinny fit that I find rather flattering on my frame. It's pretty surprising that I don't have a pair in the most basic blue color considering that I went through a phase of buying tons of jeans in my early high school years.
Light Brown Crochet Romper - Qrew
I've never owned a romper before because they always fit awkwardly on me since I'm so petite, but this one seems to look just right if I adjust the straps to pull the length higher. It's also perfect for summer especially for beach days when I can just throw it over a bikini.

Classic Round Sunglasses - Forever 21
Summer's fast approaching, so I was in need of a new pair of sunglasses because I seem to have misplaced my other ones. As usual, I also have a hard time finding the right size of frames but this was perfect for me. It also has a slight cat-eye shape which I think complements my face shape quite well.
Vintage High Waisted Denim Shorts - TJ Maxx
Clearly I have a shorts addiction, but I think this pair will be my last one for a good while. It's that classic pair of vintage high waisted shorts with a little bit of distressed detailing that never fails to draw me in. It also fits me like a glove and it was only around $8!
Lace Cream Cardigan - Ross
Among my wide range of kimonos and cardigans, I don't own a white one so this instantly caught my attention because it just screams summer. It's sheer, lacy, lightweight, and versatile, so I can definitely see it going with many different outfits. This one is probably my all-time favorite spring/summer outfit, so I'll most likely do a separate style post all about it!
Floral Maxi Dress - Triple Thread
Triple Thread sent me a bundle of items to share including this stunning maxi dress that's unfortunately way too long for me, but I'm sure I can work something out. I wouldn't wanna put it to waste because the design is absolutely gorgeous and it makes me feel like a mermaid!
Little Black Dress - Triple Thread
They also sent me this little black dress that's personally not something I'd gravitate towards since I'm super picky with dresses, but I'll probably find some kind of occasion to wear it someday. In addition, I received a pink oversized tank top and a loose white crop tee, which I didn't take pictures of because they weren't anything special although I do appreciate receiving some much needed basics for my summer wardrobe.
Buttoned Cami Crop Top - Forever 21
Forever 21 offered free shipping a few weeks ago and I got this basic green cami to add some variety to my crop top collection. 
Etched Crescent Medallion Necklace - Forever 21
I've been on a necklace kick lately and I came across this statement piece that I thought would look great with any outfit. It's not really a formal necklace, so I can easily wear it with the most basic pieces and still look casual.
Felt Floppy Hat - CHOIES
I've been wanting a light brown floppy hat for summer, but they all seem to be way overpriced. Good thing I came across this one from Choies when it was on sale for about $11. It's going to be perfect for beach days!
Black Mesh Bandage Leggings - CHOIES
I went ahead and added these leggings to my cart as well because I've just been getting too lazy to wear pants lately. Plus, the edgy style would look great with graphic tees and muscle tanks, which I'll be rocking a lot this season.
Off Shoulder Lace Top - Hollister
Hollister had a huge sale one day and my dad ordered a bunch of stuff and got me this simple boho top. It has slits on the shoulders and some lacy detailing on the back, which couldn't be more perfect for the season.
Retro Rewind Destroyed Shorts - Wet Seal
Okay, I swear that this is the last pair of shorts in this haul... and possibly for the whole duration of spring and summer. Wet Seal had an incredible deal yet again - 40% off all shorts and free shipping! How can I resist?! Anyway, this one spoke to me because of the vintage dark wash that I don't have in my shorts collection yet, and not to mention that it was only $10!
Eve Fisherman Extreme Cleated Sandals - Boohoo
I think it's about time that I take a break from wearing my Chelsea boots every single day. After all, it's not exactly the season to wear booties anymore no matter how comfortable they are. With that said, I finally bought some chunky Fisherman platforms while they were on sale on Boohoo, which is the same site where I got my trustee Chelseas. They're actually quite comfortable and light despite the chunkiness, and they're super easy to walk in because of the platform, but I do wish that it was slightly lower in the front just so it wouldn't look like I have blocks under my feet.
Pullover Sweater - Triple Thread
My second bundle from Triple Thread came with which I received these next three pieces. It's certainly not sweater weather anymore, but this will be great for those unpredictable gloomy days like these past couple weeks in southern California. I actually don't have a thick pullover sweater like this, so I'm very glad that they sent me one!

Olive Tank Top - Triple Thread
This basic olive tank top also came with the bundle which I can always appreciate. I'm always in need of layering pieces, and this one happens to have a bit of a boho vibe which I definitely love.
Harem Pants - Triple Thread
These harem pants were the last in the bundle and I was quite disappointed because I have almost the exact pair in my closet already, but I can't blame them since I don't get to choose what to get. Nonetheless, I'm beyond grateful that I receive frequent packages from this lovely company!
JOELLE Printed Bikini Set - Forever Unique
I decided to give Forever Unique another chance by choosing one of their bikini sets which is what they actually specialize in. The last piece they sent me was a coverup that I just can't imagine myself wearing, but luckily, I actually quite like this one. Click here to read more about it!
Hooded Denim Jacket - Ross
Okay, I honestly planned for this haul to stop there, but when my family and I went to Utah for a 4-day getaway, I forgot my bag of clothes which is completely ridiculous because that should be the first thing on people's minds when they go on vacation. Anyway, I had no choice but to go shopping for a set of clothes that would be good for 4 days, so I got this hooded denim jacket because it would be convenient for hiking since it was quite chilly over there. 
Los Angeles Muscle Tee - Ross
I grabbed a burgundy muscle tank to go with the jacket as well which I'll definitely wear a ton throughout summer. I also used it for sleepwear that day since it's super comfortable!
Jeggings - Ross
I got a pair of jeggings to go with the whole look and also because I found myself never gravitating towards jeans anymore. I've got a newfound obsession with leggings because I can just throw them on as they perfectly go with my oversized tops, so these will certainly be a much-worn addition!
Printed Joggers - Ross
I was looking for PJs to sleep in but all I could find were lots of harem pants which I can't really complain about because I'm all about comfort when it comes to hot weather, so this will surely come in handy because I can wear it out as well. And of course I also bought a set of undergarments, but I'm sure that's not worth showing here.
Minimal Crochet Crop Tank - G-Stage
G-Stage had a free shipping deal, so I took advantage of it and ordered this dainty crochet crop top that's been all the buzz lately. I also used the 25% coupon code "dressmelikethat" (from one of my favorite Instagram fashionistas) and only paid $8 for this top. It'll definitely be a summer staple! I just wish they had the taupe one in stock.
Bullhead Denim Distressed High Waisted Shorts - PacSun
Technically, I didn't buy these two pairs because my aunt was kind enough to buy them for me with a BOGO deal at PacSun. Naturally, I gravitated towards the shorts section because I have a clear hoarding problem which is evident in this haul. And now I can say that these will be the last pairs of shorts I'll have for a while for sure as I'll end the haul here. 

I'd say my wardrobe's pretty set for summer with all these new additions. This haul was supposed to be a short one, but February was my birth month so I had to treat myself! Then I did a little more shopping on Spring break... and a little more after that until this haul became quite possibly the biggest one I've ever had. Now that that's done, sorry if you got a headache from reading all this. Anyway, I can't wait to come up with tons of different outfits with these, so stay tuned for many more style posts (I hope). Also, sorry for the shameless plug, but I'm selling some of these items and a few old ones on my Poshmark and Vinted accounts, so if anything sparked your interest, feel free to take a peek into my online closets.

'Til my next one!
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