Since I never have time to do actual photo shoots anymore, I figured I should just post my better-quality Instagram photos here and do quick write-ups on the details of my outfits. Since fashion was what motivated me to create this blog in the first place, I thought that going back to my roots would be a great segment to add to this blog. So without further ado, here's the first look I'll be talking about in this series. Read more for details!

Top: G Stage
Kimono: Ross
Shorts: PacSun
Necklace: Forever 21
Belt: DIY

I've been seeing this crochet top everywhere on Instagram and festival photos and it naturally caught my interest because it just screams boho and I thought it would definitely look great with many pieces in my closet. Since it's quite revealing, I covered up with one of my favorite kimonos to date - this stunning lace gem that I spotted at Ross. Crochet and lace may be two clashing textures, but when they're in the same color scheme, it adds harmony to the look which is what I attempted to do here. As the whole outfit is very muted, I went for my current favorite pair of high waisted denim shorts. The vintage wash and distressed details definitely add edginess to the relatively minimalistic ensemble, and if you're any familiar with my style, I'm all for incorporating a bit (or a lot) of edginess to my simple outfits. Lastly, a boho look like this wouldn't be complete without some rustic, vintage accessories so I went for this gorgeous statement necklace from Forever 21 and my good old DIY concho belt which you can check out here. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look! It's kind of gives a peek of what my summer style will be like, so expect a lot more boho outfits in the next few weeks!

I hope to continue this series so you guys can truly get a sense of my everyday style other than from reading my hauls and occasional style posts. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know my fashion sense, but merely looking at my photos isn't the same as getting to read about why I chose these pieces and why they work together to create a presentable look. Doing this segment could also be a learning experience if you struggle with styling your own pieces or if you're in a bit of a fashion rut, so stick around every week for more of these fashion posts! Thanks so much for stopping by and I can't wait to share more of my personal style with y'all. If you want to see a clean gallery of my outfits along with style inspiration photos, visit my Tumblr

'Til my next one!
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  1. This is such a nice outfit! The crochet top and kimono will be perfect for summer :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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