Triangl Swimwear (Milly "Indiana Ice")

It's clearly far from bikini season, but Triangl sent me this gorgeous set as a gift so I just had to share it with you guys! After all, this blog has been seriously lacking in fashion content lately, so I hope this slightly makes up for it. Read more for photos and details on the brand!

If you haven't heard of Triangl Swimwear, you're seriously missing out (or you probably don't have an Instagram account). In a nutshell, Triangl is an Australian brand that specializes in simple and sporty swimwear made of neoprene fabric. One thing you should expect right away is incredibly high pricing (at least in my opinion) because they are quite a luxury brand. I mean, the top-notch quality says it all. The shipping was also ridiculously quick... like Amazon Prime kind of quick. It came all the way from Hong Kong and arrived at my residence only after 2 short business days! Pretty darn impressive especially for international shipping.

They actually sent this to me with no strings attached, which I thought was unbelievably kind of them to do.  I didn't even have to feature this on my Instagram or a blog post, but I wanted to anyway because I truly believe that they deserve all the love that they get. They have a massive following on Instagram, nowhere near any of the brands I've worked with, so hearing from them was quite a pleasant surprise because I don't even have that big of a social media following myself.  

They have a vast variety of styles and colors, but I ultimately went with this classic white set, and of course, since I'm obviously lacking in the boobage department, I went for a bandeau which I believe is the most flattering style for small-breasted women. Another great thing about their website is the live chat that's always available to assist you. If you're unsure of your size, just provide your measurements and they will tell you exactly what's best for your body type. I got the top in XS and the bottom in XXS, which both fit me perfectly. 

Anyway, I'm obviously in love with this set and it's the perfect early birthday present! Thanks again to Triangl!

Hope you enjoyed this post. I'll catch you in my next one, which will probably be another clothing haul!
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  1. Black and white always look so classy! Love the bikini :)

  2. his can you please tell me your hip measurements, I'm not sure if I'm a xs or xxs, help xx

  3. @cris you could also use their live chat and they'll tell you exactly what size you should get. it helped for me!


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