Rosegal & Zaful Bikini Haul

I haven't done a haul in a minute (almost a year?!) so I thought I'd pick up the slack with a late summer bikini haul. Rosegal and Zaful reached out to me for another collaboration so I browsed their amazing selection of swimwear and copped some dainty little bikinis to prance in for the remainder of the season. Keep reading to see which ones I received!
Braided Strap Padded String Bikini Set, Wine Red, Size S

Starting with my favorite of the bunch, here's a strappy wine red two-piece set that enhances my figure the best out of all the pieces I chose. I never thought I'd go for a bold red color for a swimsuit, but there's just something about this one that's so timeless. I typically don't gravitate towards triangle cups either because of my lack of boobage, but this seems to give me a little something probably because of the highly adjustable strings. Plus, I'm all for that strappy detailing so this set definitely gets my stamp of approval. Regarding the bottom, I know a lot of people get uncomfortable seeing some bare cheeks in public, but I personally love cheeky bottoms because they flatter my little bum.

Floral Halter Neck Wrap Padded Bikini Set, Size S
This one's a top pick as well but unfortunately, the top is a bit too snug on me. I mean I know I gained a bit of weight, but for a size S, this is way too small. The bottom fits me perfectly though and I love the style, print, and color combination of this set, so I'll still try to make it work somehow. I gotta say though, it took me a good 5 minutes to figure out how to wrap the top around because it's not exactly a conventional piece.
Padded Cami Frilly High Leg Bikini, Blue, Size S
I mainly chose this suit because I love this shade of blue, but ruffles totally aren't my thing. This actually takes me back to my childhood swimsuits circa 2000, so it's got a bit of a nostalgic twist to it. The top's not a flattering fit on me at all though - the cups are a bit too far apart to provide any illusion of a cleavage but the bottom is just fine... cheeky as well but has a little more coverage than the first one.
Floral High Waisted Bikini Set, Earthy, Size S
 This set is probably the most unique and conservative of the bunch because of the high-waisted fit and crop top look. It's more of a fun piece to wear to family-friendly pool parties or a summer trip to a water park. The fit is a little snug but it's super comfortable once it's on and I can freely go about my day wearing this out. The top can easily be styled casually because of the longer cut, so it's definitely a versatile number. The bottom is slightly cheeky as well but has the most coverage for sure. 
Buckled Velvet High Cut Bikini, Deep Blue, Size S

Velvet bikinis are on the rise so I thought I'd play around with the trend. This one's surely a one-of-a-kind addition to my collection because of the unique velvet texture and deep blue shade. The fit is extremely flattering although the bottom definitely runs a bit small on the hips. The belted straps are purely for aesthetic purposes so I can't adjust the bottom if I wanted to. I also thought I'd note that it's pretty darn cheeky and can pretty much pass as a thong depending on your bum size. 
Floral Frilled High Waisted Bikini Set, Size S

Another one of my favorites is this frilly boho set that clearly appeals to my style. The off-shoulder top can easily be worn as a casual summer piece, which might be too late now since it's nearly fall but I'll be sure to rock it in the springtime. Y'all should know by now how I feel about high waisted bottoms, so naturally I gravitated towards with super feminine suit.
Printed Knotted Bikini, Size S
Lastly, here's a strappy tropical number that surely falls on my list of favorites. Green's not always my color, but this set complements my skin tone quite well. The top is great for any member of the IBTC committee like myself because of the cinched bandeau style, and the bottom is as cheeky as many of the ones mentioned previously but the strappy detailing gives it a little more edge. Both pieces also fit my body perfectly, so if you're anywhere near as petite as I am, definitely check this one out!

Despite the insanely affordable prices, the quality of these items honestly exceeded my expectations. I've received quite a bit of expensive swimsuits from high-end brands and I'd say the quality of these is just as impressive and there are so many different styles to choose from as well! Needless to say, I'm very happy with this haul and these new additions will surely be a treasured part of my swimwear collection. Grab some bikinis from Rosegal and/or Zaful now before summer comes to a close!
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