Review: Oh My Lens Contact Lenses (Ahene 3 Color Gray)

Here's another pair I received from Oh My Lens. Feel free to go back to my previous review to find out more about the company and how long the shipping time took. As for this review, read more for photos and details!

Ahene 3 Color Gray Contact Lenses
Price: $38
Brand: Neo Vision
Diameter: 14.0
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6
Life Span: 1 year
Approved by: KFDA, CE
Price Includes: 1 pair + case


Other than light brown and hazel, I find gray-colored eyes absolutely mesmerizing. I don't think I've ever seen gray eyes in person, so I thought it would be interesting to see them on mine. While this is not exactly pure gray, it doesn't change the fact that it looks stunningly natural. It's more of a mix between hazel and gray, so at times it looks a bit green depending on the setting. The pigmentation is definitely impressive as it displays a very noticeable change in color even on dark brown eyes. The photos shown on the website are actually quite accurate in person, so if that's the kind of color payoff you're looking for, then immediately grab this pair!

It's a bit difficult to come across colored contact lenses that perfectly fit your natural iris, but this fortunately has the right measurements for my eyes. The lack of enlargement gives it a natural look, so I highly recommend this one if you're looking for contact lenses to wear casually. Since they fit me perfectly, I have zero issues with the comfort level. They feel just like my regular prescription lenses, so I'm sure I'd get a lot of use out of them.

Overall Thoughts
Natural light vs. flash
I've mentioned a few times that I'd only wear light brown contact lenses outside photos, but I can actually see myself wearing this one casually because the color is just so gorgeous I don't think I've ever seen anything like it!
I hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for stopping by!
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