Review: Rosegal Makeup Brushes

If you've kept up with my recent posts, you'd probably recognize Rosegal by now. This time they hooked me up with a huge set of makeup brushes, which is definitely more than enough for me to last years. Read more for my thoughts on this set including some of my top picks!

I received three different sets, all of which have completely different bristle types and quality that I'll be talking about shortly. Right off the bat, I'd say these brushes are such a steal because they're all under $10 and are at least decent quality. 

My favorite part about this particular set is probably the rose gold design although the quality itself isn't bad. They're synthetic brushes so the bristles are quite rough as expected. They're honestly not ideal for blending because I prefer much smoother and fluffier bristles for that, but these are great for things like brow bone/inner corner highlights.

This bamboo set is definitely my favorite out of the three because they're extremely soft and durable. They also include both face and eye brushes, so there's quite a wide variety. There's a little bit of shedding since the material feels much more delicate but other than that, I have no complaints and this set is definitely worth every penny.

I'm a sucker for aesthetics, so I'd be lying if I said I didn't choose this set because it looked pretty. Besides, mint green's one of my favorite colors so these brushes add a nice personal touch to my vanity table. Just like the rose gold ones, these have synthetic bristles and most of them are shader brushes that aren't meant for blending, but they're great for pigments, detailed applications, and eyeliners. 

For my top picks from this massive collection of brushes, I chose the powder brush, highlighting brush, and eyeshadow blending brush from the bamboo collection because they work perfectly for their intended uses. The highlighting brush especially works well because the size fits the top of my cheekbones perfectly as well as other highlighting points of the face. I would say that the quality of this set resembles e.l.f.'s studio line, which in my opinion is one of the best drugstore brush collections out there. From the rose gold and mint green sets, I chose the ones that work best for detailed uses like highlighting the inner corners and brow bones, blending the lower lash line, and cleaning up any harsh application. 

All in all, I'm very pleased with these finds. They're definitely hidden gems and I highly recommend them especially for beginners. I'm sure an avid makeup brush addict or professional wouldn't call these holy grail status, but for someone who always puts budget in mind but still cares about decent quality, these work perfectly fine.

For more of my partnership with Rosegal, check out this link. The store offers a wide variety of products from beauty to fashion all at a huge steal, so give them a shot!

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  1. Great review! I've been looking around for some new makeup brushes. I'm glad you wrote this review and offered some brush suggestions. :)

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