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Now that summer's officially over, I'm getting major withdrawals from one of the highlights of my 3-month summer break. Over a month ago, I had the absolute pleasure of attending my very first blogger event and let me just say that it definitely exceeded my expectations as far as new experiences go. Massive thanks to Derma E for personally inviting me to such an incredible getaway! Read more for photos and my thoughts on this amazing event!

Photo by @photoallison
Photo by @caca_santoro

I had previously worked with Derma E in the beginning of this year, so the brand was certainly no stranger to me. I was already an avid fan of their organic skin care line way before the event, so I was beyond stoked to learn more about their products and even have a little peek into the healthy vegan lifestyle (which now I know is personally not for me). As you can see from these photos, the venue was absolutely gorgeous. The beach house had a wonderful modern interior and an even more aesthetically pleasing exterior with the luxurious infinity pool, a bonfire place, and a perfect view of Zuma beach.

The day started off with paddleboarding, which for most of us was something we've never tried. I can't really swim so going far into the ocean with only a questionably secure life vest was a little concerning, but it turned out to be super fun although extremely exhausting. My good friend Jan and I  laid out under the sun shortly after the activity and soaked our feet in the water for a bit, then called a Lyft to head over to the beach house.

The beach house though - it was basically a mansion! Just upon entering, I could already tell that it was going to be the most stunning abode I'd ever step foot in. The interior was definitely #livingroomgoals with the sleek white walls, marble floor, and modern architecture, but the massive backyard was even more impressive. The infinity pool added such a unique element and just above it was a string of lights that I'm sure looked even more stunning at night. The whole venue was just decorated so impeccably that looking at it would've been good enough for me.

We had an all-out vegan lunch hosted by the Organic Gypsy and while it was much better than I expected, vegan food is simply not for me. I need my meat, preservatives, and savory noms to get through the day even though they scream health problems in the long-run. Needless to say, my appetite was not completely satisfied, but it's hard to complain when you're at a place like this.

Festivities ensued as the day passed, some of which included yoga, a facial, pool time, and relaxing on grounds. It was the perfect day to unwind and forget about any negativity because everyone there was super kind and amiable. I even met a couple of lovely bloggers/Youtubers including Caitlyn, Elaine, Roxette, and several more.
I really wish I took more photos and videos because an amazing opportunity like this doesn't come very often, especially for a little blogger like me. If there's anything that will convince me to continue writing this chapter of my life, it's incredible opportunities like this. While my medical career is pretty much set in stone, I'll make sure to always set aside time for my other passions. Thank you once again to Derma E for previously partnering with me and inviting me to this lovely event with such a successful turnout!

Please make sure to check out the brand if you're looking into vegan skin care products. I truly believe and stand by this brand and I assure you that you won't be disappointed. I hope you lived vicariously through the little vlog I put together, which was honestly a bit of a struggle because I didn't film enough footage, so I had to wait for the people from Derma E to send me some clips that I could use... so shoutout to them especially for that excellent camerawork! Thank you to Elaine for sending me some clips from her vlog as well!

As always, thanks for stopping by and following me on this journey. Having new and loyal readers is the reason I get to work with great brands like Derma E and have the opportunity to do some pretty cool stuff. 'Til next time!




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