Review: My Pure by The Fragrance Outlet

I partnered up with The Fragrance Outlet to bring you their latest exclusive fragrance, My Pure. Read more for everything you need to know!

The Fragrance Outlet
The concept for Fragrance Outlet was simple – offer the widest selection of genuine designer fragrances, sold by knowledgeable, friendly staff at affordable prices. The formula was foolproof, and the store was an overwhelming success. Throughout the next few years, Fragrance Outlet expanded its presence in the fragrance market, opening stores in the best Outlet Centers across the country and Guam. Fragrance Outlet, Inc. continues to grow with expansion plans exceeding 100 stores over the next several years.

My Pure
"My Pure evokes a sense of luxury and style and captures the essence of female persona beautifully. Right from the start, the fragrance has seductive notes such as plum and iris infusion. The heart is bountiful and exotic with notes of jasmine and Bulgarian rose, which quieten down when the base notes of earthy vetiver and amber sweep in. This scent has a luxurious and sensuous fragrance that boasts of a light, woody aroma that is ideal for those adventurous nights out on the town."

I'm not too fond of wearing strong lingering scents so I always go for body sprays instead of perfumes, but I'm glad I got to try out a full-size luxury fragrance from the Fragrance Outlet. While it certainly embodies everything that it says on the description - down from the fancy packaging to the mature, luxurious scent - this kind of fragrance is personally not for me. It has a strong floral aroma which I don't typically gravitate towards as I'm more into fresh and fruity scents, but this is definitely something middle-aged women would be attracted to. It particularly reminds me of the perfumes that my mom would wear, so I'll probably end up handing this one to her. 

Even though this one didn't work out for me, there are tons of options to choose from on the Fragrance Outlet website and they come in a wide range of prices. It's super easy to navigate and I had a great experience browsing their site. If this is the kind of scent that you like, you can get the fragrance for 55% off with the code MYPURE55. So if you're looking for a new scent for the season, definitely take advantage of this steal!

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  1. Thanks for the honest review! I'm not a huge fan of strong lingering scents too. I prefer body sprays over perfume sometimes. :)


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