Black Jasmine

Here's another lovely piece that was sent to me by AMIclubwear! This matching set instantly caught my eye because of the off shoulder neckline and cropped fit, which are some of my favorite styles this season. Read ahead for photos and details!

If you're someone who doesn't stray from monochromatic looks but you still want to give off a fun summer vibe, this outfit is a great way to achieve that. As a bonus, it's a two-piece set which means you can easily mix and match the top and bottom with other items in your closet. However, they are meant to be worn together which is just as lovely! It's quite an interesting twist to a regular skater dress because not only does it have an alluring neckline, but it also displays just a little bit of skin that still keeps the outfit very sophisticated and feminine. The top has stunning cutouts in the back as well which I know many people love. I'd definitely wear this look to some fancy event, dinner, or maybe even a night out. It's truly a unique addition to my wardrobe!

P.S. I have no idea what kind of flowers these are on the print, so I just went with whatever sounded pleasant even though I'm almost certain these aren't Jasmines! :P Let me know if you do!

'Til next time!
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