Westwood Sunglasses Tribal Collection

I've collaborated with Westwood Sunglasses to promote their upcoming tribal collection which consists of incredibly unique and artistic styles. Read ahead for more photos and everything you need to know about the brand and campaign!

Available through June 30th on Kickstarter, the Tribal Collection features five new frames inspired by art from cultures around the world; Tattoo features tribal tattoos from the pacific islands, Tapestry features the textile arts of ancient Latin America, Temple features the Henna patterns of India, Tundra features the feather accessory of the Native American, and Totem features the wood carvings of indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest.

To make the Tribal Collection a reality, Westwood Sunglasses needed to raise $6,500 to fund initial manufacturing costs. The company hit their goal in their first day on Kickstarter. For their support, backers receive wholesale pricing (50% discount), are the first to wear the new Tribal Collection, and become ambassadors of the brand.

Product Specifics
All frames feature polarized lenses, flexible hinges, and are feather light-weight. Tapestry is made with rosewood with Latin American textile designs. Tattoo is made of ebony with island tattoo designs. Temple is our most feminine pair made of cherry wood and henna designs. Totem is made of walnut and features a soaring eagle. Tundra is made of layered skateboard with a feather engraved into the temples. 

About Westwood Sunglasses
Westwood Sunglasses was founded in the outdoor recreation mecca of Ogden, Utah. The need was simple; a go anywhere, do anything pair of shades through eco-friendly natural woods. Each pair is handcrafted from high-quality natural woods or bamboo and features polarized lenses, flexible hinges, and they float.

I don't know about you guys, but I've never seen sunglasses this unique and creative! They practically have everything you want in a pair of on-the-go sunnies: lightweight, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing. Be sure to check them out on Kickstarter and their website linked above!

Thanks for stopping by! 'Til my next one.
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  1. So dang cool! I kinda want a pair now! :)


  2. @Angelina Right?! They're definitely one of a kind :)


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