New Year, New Hair: From Ombré to Ash Blonde

If you've been following my hair journey for the past year or so, you'd know that it has been through a lot. Since I've accomplished pretty much everything I wanted to do with my hair as far as crazy colors go, I felt that it's about time to go back to a natural single-toned look. Keep reading for more photos of my new ash blonde hair and the whole process of going fully platinum!

I went to my trustee hairdresser once again (@hairbyms_monrroy) to achieve a drastically new look for the new year and that's exactly what she did. The session took approximately 7 hours which was mostly because of the bleaching process. My roots grew out significantly this past year, so that took quite a while since I did want my whole hair to be bleached. First of all, I just gotta give major props to my hairdresser, Michelle, who worked 2 weeks before her due date and was even having frequent contractions while doing my hair. It takes a lot of dedication and persistence to work on a stubborn head of hair especially when you're possibly going into labor, so I can't thank her enough for that!
If you've been keeping up with my Instagram stories, these snaps of me looking like Draco Malfoy might look familiar. I know... not the most flattering look but every hair enthusiast has gotta go platinum at some point! Anyway, this process was definitely the most time-consuming and it's basically where most of your money goes. It's also not the most pleasant part because of the strong stinging sensation on your scalp, but it's totally bearable especially if you have a high pain tolerance. For the last hour or two of the session, Michelle styled and toned my hair to an ash blonde and gave me darker roots so that the growth won't look too stark against my blonde hair. The whole thing turned out a lot lighter than I expected, but Michelle did an incredible job nonetheless. In any case, I can always tone it myself if I ever get sick of the blonde which I eventually will... but for now, I'm gonna see for myself if blondes really do have more fun.

If you're around the Orange County area (specifically Garden Grove), definitely check out Michelle's work at Bebe Salon. She'll be on break until around March for maternity leave, but I highly recommend going to her if you want a fabulous hair transformation that can be achieved in one sitting. I know that many hairdressers take more than one session for a drastic color change, but I've personally had positive experiences getting it done in just one day. My hair doesn't feel all that damaged, but do make sure you know your hair well enough before you commit to a tedious process like this. 

Stay tuned to keep up with my hair journey, which will include hair care tips, toning, and possibly styling. Until then, 'til next time!

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