Irresistible Me Hair Extenions: Before & After

If you haven't read my review on these amazing hair extensions by Irresistible Me, head over here to know a little more about them and how I turned them from platinum blonde to lavender. In this post, I'll simply show you before-and-after photos with the product to give you a sense of how significant the difference really is!
Before & After

I'm pleasantly surprised by how perfectly the extensions blended with my real hair because the shades of purple are quite different when I placed them side by side, but the more vibrant shade of the extensions certainly provides a lot more dimension to the overall look. My real hair actually isn't that much shorter than I thought, but I find that these extensions have just the perfect length (24") to restore the few inches that I lost from my previous trim. They also look incredibly natural despite the strong amount of shine compared to my more muted natural locks. I absolutely love the volume that it adds even with just the 4-clipped piece alone! In these photos, I'm actually only wearing that piece along with the two 3-clipped ones, which are more than enough for me to rock on a casual day. I'm sure I've raved enough about this product on my review, but I just have to say that it's going to be really hard to go out without them from now on! I'll definitely have another post sharing various spring hairstyles ft. this gem, so stay tuned for that!

'Til my next one!
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