New Year, New Hair!

There's nothing more exciting than starting off 2016 with a drastic new look! I've been wanting to dye my hair pastel for the past month now, and I'm super pumped that I finally got to do it especially because that's already one thing checked off my bucket list this year. 

Hair History

The first time I attempted to bleach and ombré my hair was a complete disaster, so I knew that this time I had to get it done professionally. I wanted to make sure that if I were to pay over $100 at a salon, I needed an experienced, reputable hairstylist, so I searched everywhere on Instagram and stumbled upon the talented Michelle (@ms_monrroy), whom I didn't have a problem trusting because she brought such a positive energy and knowledgeable attitude. 

The Process
I was a bit worried about going platinum blonde because of how damaged my hair already was, but Michelle gave me an Olaplex treatment, which essentially reduces damage during or after the coloring process. With that said, I highly recommend this method for dry, breakage-prone hair because it repairs the broken disulfide bonds, making the hair look and feel much healthier. The whole session took about 7 hours, which is reasonable considering the initial length, moderate thickness, and damaged condition of my hair, and with the Olaplex treatment, I didn't have to go to the salon for more than two sessions because my hair color lifted effortlessly. The salon experience at Shear Steele was absolutely delightful that it didn't even feel like I was there the whole day. After the tedious process of doing the balayage and waiting for my hair color to finally lift to platinum blonde, Michelle added the rosy lavender toner, washed my hair, blow dried it, gave me a quick, much-needed trim, and finally styled it with gorgeous loose curls.

The Mermaid Hair

The end result is this stunning, ethereal rosy-lavender color that I'm absolutely in love with. The color varies depending on the lighting, but it's essentially a muted rose gold with hints of purple. It's definitely unique and I think that Michelle did such an incredible job with the seamless blend of the ombré, whether my hair is straight or curled. I can't even see the patchiness of the horrible dye job I had before! I also like how it has a dimensional look - the upper and inside portions show a deeper muted purple and the ends are more of a silvery rose, which I find absolutely stunning.

Moreover, what I really appreciate about this balayage ombré is that I don't have to keep retouching every month or so because my roots will grow out looking natural instead of having that harsh line separating the color-treated part of my hair, so in that sense, I'm definitely saving up tons of money and keeping my hair healthier in the long-run. Also, once the pastel toner wears off in several washes and fades into platinum blonde, I get to play with other pastels just by mixing toners at home. I will post updates for sure every time I change it up as well as tips on how to maintain the color and health of my hair, how long the color lasts, and any possible complications that might have occurred. 

Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. I'll probably change it up to a deeper purple before my birthday (Feb. 7), so I'll certainly update you guys on the experience. As for how my hair is now, I've only washed it once since Monday and none of the color has faded yet. I used the TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner and It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin as recommended by Michelle, and so far so good! I'm truly happy with how everything turned out, not only because of how gorgeous it looks but also because I got my money's worth. I'd say 2016's off to a great start!

Make sure to check out Michelle's amazing work on Instagram and drop by Shear Steele if you're in the OC area looking for great, experienced hairstylists!

'Til next time.
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  1. Can't believe how incredible your hair looks! Love the more muted pink/purple/grey colour :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x


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