Review: Coastal Scents Revealed Palette

You might have seen a little preview of this palette in my Boxycharm post, but I'll be showing you a whole lot more in this full review, so keep reading!

"Expose your natural beauty with this exquisite collection of nude and metallic hues. These smooth, powdered shadows blend seamlessly to create an array of day or evening looks. The slim palette holds all twenty shadows, allowing for easy on-the-go application."
It retails for $39.99, but you can get it for half off right now on the Coastal Scents website!


The eyeshadows come in an ultra thin case with 20 neutral shades. The palette's as light as a feather, so it's definitely ideal for traveling. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't come with a mirror, so you're gonna have to keep a compact in your travel bag. The individual eyeshadow sizes are comparable to the Naked palettes, but they don't have names.

Color Selection
With Naked 1 and Naked Basics, I know I have more than enough neutral eyeshadows for an average human being, but it just so happens that Boxycharm sent me yet another one to add to my collection. You can certainly do a lot with twenty shades, especially when there's a mixture of matte, satin, and metallic finishes. With the best of my ability, here's my attempt to describe every shade along with comparisons to Urban Decay's palettes:

1. Matte beige (Foxy from Naked Basics but slightly darker) 
2. satin champagne pink (W.O.S. from Naked Basics) 
3. shimmery light peach (Naked 1's Sin)
4. matte medium brown (warmer Naked from Naked 1)
5. matte muted taupe (Hustle from Naked 1 but with a matte finish) 
6. shimmery light brown (Naked 1's Sidecar)
7. matte medium brown (Naked 1's Buck)
8. metallic gold (Naked 1's Half Baked but more bronze) 
9. shimmery light taupe (similar to Naked 2 but with glitter) 
10. shimmery off-white
11. shimmery copper
12. shimmery medium brown (Naked 1's Smog
13. shimmery light gray-brown,
14. satin warm brown (Faint from Naked Basics but with a sheen) 
15. shimmery light mauve (between Naked 1's Sin and Toasted
16. satin taupe (lighter than Naked 1's Hustle
17. metallic dark champagne
18. satin dark taupe (Naked 1's Hustle)
19. metallic gray-purple (Naked 1's Gunmetal with a cooler undertone)
20. matte black (Crave from Naked Basics)

I know that many bloggers swear by this palette and consider it a dupe for the Naked series, but I personally still prefer the latter simply because the textures are a lot more buttery. Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely love this palette and I would purchase it without wanting to buy any other eyeshadows... it's just that I wouldn't consider it an exact dupe for Urban Decay's because it just doesn't have the intense pigmentation that the Naked palettes do with just one swipe. However, the colors are buildable and you ultimately get the color payoff you want, but it takes quite a lot blending for some of the shades to really get that diffused gradient look. As you can see on the swatches, the first 5 shades are extremely subtle, and that's after 3-5 swipes. I do have to say that the matte black is my absolute favorite because it's extremely pigmented and it's even twice as opaque as Crave from the Naked Basics palette.

As I said, it takes quite a bit of effort to blend some of the eyeshadows together because the texture's not as velvety and buttery as the Naked palette. Don't worry, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound, it's just that the Urban Decay eyeshadows are so incredibly blendable and pigmented that I can't help comparing them to this palette since the shades are very similar. Also, not all the eyeshadows in this palette have consistent textures; some of the lighter brown ones are super powdery, while the more shimmery ones are fairly on par with Naked 1. The fallout can be pretty bad with the powdery ones, so make sure to have a fan brush in hand or just do your eyeshadow before applying any face makeup.
Lasting Power
 One thing I can say for sure is that it has the same lasting power as the Naked palettes, which is definitely one of its best features. My eye makeup lasted from day to night without touchups when I went to a Christmas and New Year's Eve party, so I'd certainly consider it a palette for everyday use and special events.

Here's a super simple smokey eye I did for the last day of 2014. I swear, it looked completely untouched until 4 a.m.!

With all of that said, would I recommend this palette? For the price, absolutely! Is it an exact dupe for any of the Naked palettes? Color-wise, yes; as for formula and texture, some of the eyeshadows come very close, but some are too powdery and lack the same amount of pigmentation. Nonetheless, it's an incredible product for sure. Twenty versatile shades and great quality might just be all you need in an eyeshadow palette, so I'd say go for it. Coastal Scents constantly holds huge sales, so grab it at a low price when you can!

Hope you enjoyed this post! This palette was sent to me as part of my Boxycharm review, but this one is not sponsored nor was I asked to do an in-depth review. Just wanted to show it some love!

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