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One of my favorite spring trends this year is definitely a good old slip dress. Brandy Melville seems to have initiated this style with the vast popularity of the Jada dress, which led to countless varieties of knockoffs from different stores. I found this one at Love Culture, and I absolutely adore the vintage vibe with the muted colors and classic floral prints.

I went with very minimal accessories because I think that this outfit looks best when it's effortless and simple.
I don't wear dresses too often, but I have the need to collect all varieties of this dress because it's just so comfortable while also very versatile. It has a shapeless fit that I actually find flattering, and of course the open back that adds just the right amount of playfulness. 
Sandals - Charlotte Russe
Any pair of shoes that adds at least some height is always an essential for me, so I opted for my new favorite sandals from Charlotte Russe. I just thought that it's the perfect pair to wear with this feminine and delicate outfit! 

That's it for this simple spring look. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Gorgeous dress - It's so pretty :)


  2. so cute


  3. You're so pretty ! This dress looks good on you :))

    Just , How tall are you ?

  4. @Anonymous aw thank you! (: i'm only 4'11 haha :P

  5. @Sonja Delicana

    Okay you're short ^^ I thought you were taller ,( like 5'2 or 5'3 ) . I love your style , it's so beautiful :)

  6. @Anonymous Haha pictures tend to make people look a lot taller than they actually are >.< and thank you! (:


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