Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics

I know I'm super late on the Naked Basics hype, but I finally got myself one and thought I'd share my thoughts on this travel-friendly palette!

I love how light and portable it is. I could easily bring it with me everywhere without a hassle. I really like the minimalistic design, and the mirror is quite big compared to the other Naked palettes.
Color selection
Using Naked 2 and Faint
Urban Decay palettes are known for their wide selection of neutral shades, but what's unique about this one is that a majority of the colors are matte.
Venus - creamy white with a satin finish
Foxy - matte neutral yellow
Walk of Shame - light champagne; similar to Naked's "Virgin" but with a matte finish
Naked 2 - nude pink; similar to Naked's "Sin" but with a matte finish
Faint - matte warm brown; comparable to Naked's "Buck" with slight taupe undertones
Crave - matte; very dark brown/black
Venus is a really nice highlighter for the brow bones, and just one swipe gives an intense shine; Foxy is kind of like a neutralizer for any unevenness; W.O.S. is a good base for natural eye makeup; Naked 2 is best for contouring the eyelids; Faint is great for neutral smokey eyes (it's almost exactly the same as Buck from the Naked palette); and Crave is perfect for intensifying any kind of smokey eyes. 

I already knew that this will have amazing pigmentation since that's partly why the Naked palettes are so acclaimed. The color payoff is very concentrated even with the lighter shades. Below are swatches on my arm under various lighting conditions:

I love how all the colors are actually showing up on my skin rather than blending in, which is a common issue that people have with this palette. 

Since almost all of the shades are matte, they might feel a bit more powdery, so I often use my fingertips for the base to pick up a concentrated amount of product. I use these three brushes when I do my everyday smokey eyes:

I use e.l.f.'s blending eye brush to contour my crease, e.l.f.'s eyeshadow brush to apply darker shades on the outer corners of my lids, and the Estēe Lauder's fluffy brush to blend everything out.

Lasting Power
I don't know about other people's experiences, but this actually lasts me the whole day even without using an eyeshadow primer! My eyelids don't become oily because the eyeshadows keep them matte, and even the lighter colors don't wear off after several hours.

Bottom Line
For me, this is definitely an everyday go-to palette. I've been using Naked 1 for a couple years now, but most of the shades are too shimmery for my everyday taste, so having a whole set with everything matte suits my daily makeup routine a lot more. If you have both Naked 1 & 2, I don't think this palette is necessary at all because there are already a lot of similarities among the three. If you're not ready to spend $50 on one of the three Naked palettes, I highly recommend you try this one out!

Hope this helped!
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  1. cool review! i've debated on getting the palette but i don't feel the need just 'cause among all my eyeshadow, i have all the shades already. but this would be great for travel.

  2. @Angelina thanks! and yeah, i think the Naked 2 pretty much covers all the necessary neutral shades (:


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