Here's the first outfit in my spring lookbook! It's one of the few fancier looks in the series, but I think it's still suitable for everyday wear.
Love Phenom Dress - Tobi
I've been on a long hunt for a reasonably priced long sleeve dress, and while I was browsing through Tobi's website, I found this impeccably simple and understated item. This cream dress seemed a bit too classy on its own for a casual day out, so I sewed crochet lace trims around the hem and sleeves for a more vintage touch (DIY tutorial here). 

Floppy hat - Wet Seal
I shot these photos at Vegas where there was extra sunshine outside, so I opted for a black floppy hat for an edgier vibe. I went for very minimal accessories because the focus of the outfit should be on the simplicity of the dress.
I also kept my shoes in the neutral department with these light pink sandals with minimal heels which I'm absolutely loving this season. You'll see more of them in my upcoming looks!

I'll put up a preview post of my spring lookbook in a few days, so stay tuned!
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  1. Love this! I really love the shoes and the hat. I look forward to you next post :)


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