Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in "Bumble"

If you're a makeup junkie and haven't heard of Colourpop's latest release, then you need to get on top of your lipstick game! I've been eyeing this one in particular ever since Colourpop announced their new matte lipstick collection, but everything sold out instantly it's insane so I had to wait a whole month for them to get back in stock. I gotta say that it was totally worth it because this is my all-time favorite lipstick right now which says a lot considering how massive my collection is! So let's get onto some swatches and everything you need to know about this cult favorite!


"This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips smoothly and leaves SUPER intense pigment-rich colour with a bold, ultra matte look. It’s very long wearing and completely kiss proof!"

Shade description: dusty warm terracotta
Only available on the Colourpop website

First of all, let's just acknowledge the fact that this gem is only six freaking dollars. That's a fraction of a majority of liquid lipsticks in the market! The great thing is that it doesn't look or feel cheap in any way. The packaging is quite luxurious in my opinion and the quality is obviously top-notch, which I'll elaborate more on in a bit. 


Whenever a new lipstick collection comes out, I can't help but gravitate towards this kind of shade - this gorgeous dusty rose, brown red, Kylie Jenner lip color. I literally have at least 10 lipsticks like this but I can't help myself! Just like what it says on the website, it's a "dusty warm terracotta" which is a pretty darn accurate shade description. If you want a perfect lip swatch and a bunch of swatches on different skin tones, head on over to the product page, but if you're anything like my skin tone, I got you covered because I've also provided personal swatches.

Formula and Finish
Just like any product out there, it won't work the same for everyone. I've actually heard some people say that this is quite drying, and I agree to some extent which is why I always wear a lip balm underneath and make sure to exfoliate my lips before application. Once that's done, this is practically budge-proof, transfer-free, super comfortable, and extremely long-lasting. It dries almost instantly to an ultra matte finish, hence the name. To provide a more accurate description of the texture, it feels like powder on your lips once it sets completely, so there's no tackiness whatsoever which is a huge plus because that sticky feeling is a dealbreaker for me (kind of like what the LA Splash ones do). With that said, this pretty much feels like nothing on my lips because the formula is so lightweight yet extremely pigmented, so there's no need for a second layer. I actually heard that applying a second layer will clump up the product, but I never had the need to pack on more because one application already gives me that plump, intense coverage. 

Another great thing about this liquid lipstick is that it truly stays on me all day long. I went to the OC Fair recently and if you're familiar with those kinds of events, you'd know that the food they serve is greasy deep-fried everything, and this did not budge from noon to about 9 p.m. which is crazy because I've never had a lipstick stay that long on my lips. At about 10 p.m., a white rim was starting to form along my inner bottom lip, but that didn't even bother me because I was just extremely impressed that the color was even as pigmented and put-together at that point. 

Overall Thoughts
This is hands-down my holy grail lipstick of all time (at least for now). I'm even contemplating on getting other colors from the collection even if this is the only kind of shade I wear on a daily basis. If you're still obsessed with the Kylie Jenner look, definitely pick this up because 1) it's only $6, 2) it's highly pigmented and super matte, and 3) the formula is comfortable and incredibly long-lasting! Colourpop certainly hit the mark with this gem. 

Hope this review helped! 'Til next time.
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