Review: Nylon x Memebox #ItGirlPalette

 As a Memebox ambassador, I was sent another super exciting palette to review. This one is in collaboration with Nylon Magazine in honor of their 16th birthday. At first glance, I found it quite intimidating because I never really stray from neutrals, but these turned out to be very wearable especially for spring. Read more for details and swatches!

"Perfect balance of wearability, uniqueness, and versatility, just like NYLON and MEMEBOX fans."

#ItGirlPalette is NYLON’s special gift to its readers in celebration of their 16th anniversary. All colors were carefully picked by NYLON’s senior beauty editors with a strong emphasis on versatility and uniqueness. Each color packs a punch so you can amp up the night with just one shade, or blend your favorites to create a custom look! This palette is a must-have for all gals that are edgy, trend-setting, and f***ing awesome. Cruelty Free.

Price: $29


The eyeshadows come in a sleek, lightweight palette with a nice sized mirror that's perfect for traveling. The box that it came in is absolutely eye-catching and I feel like it totally embodies Nylon's classic edgy style. There's also a plastic over the eyeshadows indicating the name of each shade as well as a dual brush with a sponge applicator on one side and a blending brush on the other. I don't think it's something I'd reach for because it's a bit too small, but it actually works quite nicely for a brush that came in an eyeshadow palette.

Shades and Swatches

I was definitely intimidated by the seemingly bold colors at first, but once I swatched them, they're actually not as intense as I expected, and thus wearable for every day. With that said, here are the shade descriptions:

The Moment is a champagne pink that can be used for a brow bone and cheek highlight.
Lilo is a matte white that I would probably apply on my inner corners.
Mary-Kate is a sparkly olive that's very subtle and absolutely perfect for spring.
Mischa is a grungy rust color that has the strongest pigmentation out of the bunch, so it certainly gives the boldest look.
Lana is an antique gold, and as you can see from the swatch below, it has the poorest pigmentation so it's probably something I'll never use.
Paris is a shimmery hazel that would be a great transition shade for a summer smokey eye
Nicole is a multi-dimensional blue-hued brown which I find very unique because of the duo-chrome effect. However, I can only really see it when I directly swatch it with my finger, but once I transfer it to my arm or eyelids, it just ends up looking like a typical shimmery brown. 
Sweet 16, perhaps the most intimidating out of the bunch, is a matte hot pink blush that actually looks quite stunning when used sparingly, so be careful because it's something that can undoubtedly make you look like a clown when applied with a heavy hand.

These aren't the best swatches, but I'm hoping that you can get a sense of how they translate to the lids if you have a light to medium skin tone. I actually ended up liking Mary-Kate the most even though I've never thought about putting green eyeshadow on my lids, but it's such a soft shade of pastel green that looks absolutely flattering for the springtime. I can definitely see it looking extra gorgeous on darker skin tones because it'll stand out more, and it would look perfect with Lana and Nicole for a soft daytime smokey look.

Mary-Kate on my entire lids, Lana on outer thirds, and Nicole on the crease and outer corners
Perhaps part of why my swatches didn't end up looking so good is because of the inconsistent pigmentation. There are certainly some hits and misses with this palette, but I can still see myself reaching for it this season because it's got really nice spring shades that I've never experimented with before. As you can see above, the camera isn't really picking up the colors very well, but you can tell that it's not a bold look but rather a subtle smokey eye that I find quite unique!

In a Nutshell
I'm still exploring most of the colors and trying to come up with wearable looks for an everyday basis, so it's taking a bit of getting used to. If it ends up in my April favorites, then it's something I'd definitely recommend. It's not exactly a palette that gave me a lasting first impression like SoothingSista's #eyelove SF quad did, but I think it'll grow on me. What do you guys think?

'Til my next one!
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