Review: Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm

As much as I love the drugstore lipsticks that I've recently purchased, I couldn't resist buying Revlon's new matte balm. I got one in the shade "Sultry" which is the perfect dusty rose color that I've been searching for. Keep reading for a detailed review and swatches!

Velvety Matte Look. 
Moisture Rich Balm 
A matte finish that’s beyond plush. 
Balm that’s beyond comforting.
As I mentioned before, this particular color was always sold out in every Target I've visited, but all thanks to Luvocracy, I finally ordered one online for free using my leftover store credit. This shade is obviously the most coveted among the collection, so don't expect to find one in your local drugstore around this time.
As I've heard, this very much resembles Revlon's highly acclaimed Just Bitten Lip Balm except that it's matte (and you guys know how I feel about my matte lipsticks). One of my favorite things about this product is how incredibly moisturizing it is to apply. I typically have dry lips, but I didn't have to apply chapstick under this because of how creamy the consistency is. It's certainly a matte formula, which is mainly why I really wanted to buy it, but it's not that drying at the same time. It also doesn't seem like the kind of formula that would develop into patches, so I have no concerns so far. There's a little bit of transfer at first but not when it becomes completely matte.
Color Payoff
It's a stunning deep berry color that I believe looks flattering on any skin tone. It's a very versatile shade, so it's great for everyday use. It might just be the perfect color that I've been looking for because it's quite a natural kind of red, almost like a "my lips but better" kind, at least for those who have naturally red lips. It's also highly pigmented and buildable, so a little goes a long way.
Here's what it looks like with flash (left) and soft window lighting (right). When I first applied it, it had a little bit of plum undertone, but that somewhat fades as it mattifies, which is completely fine with me. I already have enough mauve-based lipsticks to begin with!

Lasting Power
4 hours later
I like how it looks even more after a few hours because you could really see that it completely mattifies and leaves a nice, natural tint. I only went out for about 4 hours, so I wasn't able to see how it would hold up for a good 8 hours or so, but so far so good!

It definitely has a moisturizing, velvety texture that's "beyond comforting." It's the best matte finish I've ever tried because it doesn't become blotchy at all throughout the day. I do love the sleek matte packaging as well and how it's in a retractable tube with a decent amount of product.

Bottom Line
It's safe to say that it will be my new favorite everyday lipstick year-round. I really love it so far, and I know it'll work well on all seasons. It's very inexpensive ($6.49) for such great quality, and I'll most likely purchase more from the collection. Order it here if you're having trouble finding it at your local Target.
I hope this review was helpful!
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