I'm a big fan of thrift shopping or anything of great bargain, so I dedicated a whole outfit featuring some of my favorite thrift store finds. Continue reading for outfit details!

I found this cute little dress at Goodwill and I was quite surprised that it was brand new with Wet Seal tags attached and everything. Fortunately, it came in X-small. I always have a hard time finding mini dresses that actually look short on me because of my height, but this one fell right on the mid-thighs. The best part is that it was only $7.99 along with all of their dresses!
If you're familiar with my general fashion sense, you'd know that I would grab every opportunity of owning all different kinds of kimonos. This one's quite unique because I don't think it's meant to be a kimono, but the loose chiffon fit and the quirky print made it look like one when I tried it on. I'm actually glad that it was one size bigger (medium) because it has more of that oversized look that kimonos have. It only retailed for $5.99, so I'd be stupid not to get it, right? I really like the bell-shaped sleeves and how they make the piece a lot more vintage and delicate. Also, how cute are the little chicken prints? 

To go with the vintage-inspired look, I went for my classic oxfords from Forever 21. I would've loved them even more if they had heels, but they're quite comfortable and I hardly ever wear flats, so I thought I'd give my feet a rest.
I literally did this shoot in five minutes, so I wasn't able to do close-ups of my shoes, accessories, and other details of the outfit. I'll try to add more photos when I do my next outfit post.
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  1. Pretty look! Love your shoes <3

  2. Love your style! I'm also a fan of thrift shopping, you can find the best things there x

  3. Such a lovely look, great finds!
    Really cute blog you have! XOXO

  4. You're so adorable! I especially love your classic oxfords from Forever 21! :)
    -xoxo, FRANCES

  5. beautiful

    maybe we can follow each other ?

    let me know


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