Review: Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colors + Swatches PART 2

See part 1 here to read about my overall review of the collection. 
If you've read my recent beauty posts, it's not a surprise to see me in this huge lipstick frenzy. I've been trying to expand my collection mostly because I haven't quite found the perfect shade yet. However, some of my favorite drugstore finds are Wet n Wild's Megalast Lip Colors, and luckily, I happened to run into two more of them to add to my set. 
Wine Room (906D) and Spiked With Rum (915B)
Color Description
906D Wine Room - subtle cherry pink
915B Spiked With Rum - deep rose; muted red brown

Swatches in various lightings
Bare lips; Wine Room; Spiked With Rum
It's not actually this shiny. It has quite a satin-to-matte finish as I mentioned in Part 1, but I guess it was the lighting that reflected the glossy appearance.
Wine Room; Spiked With Rum
First up is "Wine Room," which I picked up when I was at CVS the other day. I was very pleased to find this because it's definitely one of the rare shades. In fact, I got the last one in the display! I actually really love this color as well. It's like a much more subtle and natural version of "Smokin' Hot Pink" (which I reviewed and swatched in Part 1). If this had brown undertones, it would've been the perfect shade for me. Seriously, it's so frustrating to find a color that has the right balance of muted red, natural, and a little bit of brown undertone... or maybe I'm just extremely picky. Please let me know if you know of a lipstick that fits this description!

 Next is "Spiked With Rum," which is probably the rarest to find among the collection, even online. I ordered mine through Luvocracy with my free $10 credit. If you're interested, you can purchase it through my recommendation with your free $10 credit once you sign up! Anyway, it's a dark, sultry muted red with brown undertones, which is actually the closest shade to what I've been searching for, if only it was a tad bit more natural. Nonetheless, it's a stunning fall/winter lip color, and it's been one of my favorites for everyday wear.
I'll probably end up getting more of these in spring and summer. I have yet to try Revlon's Matte Balm in "Sultry" because it looks a lot like my ideal shade. Too bad it's sold out in all the Target stores I've been to, including the one in Vegas and online. 
Don't forget: If this review was enough to convince you to try out this super inexpensive lipstick line, you can always purchase some through my Luvocracy account if you're ever having trouble looking for these shades. I have Wine Room, Spiked With Rum, and In the Flesh available for purchase! Take advantage of that free $10 credit!
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  1. @Angelina right? it's definitely one of my favorites in the collection! (:

  2. I absolutely love your blog!
    You are my fav!
    And i have read several blogs!

  3. @kimberly zet Aw thank you so much! That really means a lot (: <3


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