Defining Your Style

Fashion has the incredible ability to make you feel like a whole different person every time. It's a great outlet to express your personal taste while experimenting with various looks. While some people might argue that it's a superficial way to mask your identity, I believe that what you wear always shapes at least part of who you are.

Defining your style doesn't happen overnight; it takes some figuring out and self-reflecting. High school is a great time to experiment, but it's also a place of skyrocketing insecurities, so you might not always feel bold enough to wear whatever you want. I really started to build my own style recently in college where nobody cares about how I look or act, so it allowed me to be as open-minded as possible. 

From freshman to senior year of high school
As you can tell, I've had my fair share of fashion identity crises as an adolescent, but ultimately, I often find myself subconsciously reverting to my love for dark clothing, which takes me back to the very first time I acquired a penchant for fashion and beauty. In essence, one way to find your style is to dress according to your personality.

My style has evolved quite significantly throughout high school because I've changed a lot as a person as well. I gradually ditched my everyday all-black ensemble and started dressing more girly (but still incorporating a little bit of edginess because it will always be my foundation). Part of this change can be accounted for the fact that I wasn't all that bottled up anymore. I became more open to new things and built up a bit more confidence along the way. I took advantage of my observant eye to find inspiration from people on the sidewalks, fashion articles, seasonal trends, and even artworks.
Finding inspiration is key to developing your own style. It doesn't exactly mean imitating others' sense of fashion but rather collecting little fragments that describe your own taste, interests, or attributes. That's why fashion icons exist - to inspire and remind you what kind of image you want for yourself.

Winter; Spring; Summer; Fall
There are so many facets to a person's character, so don't feel like you have the need to acquire an exclusive sense of style. Personally, mine changes every season much like my conflicting personalities; as seen above, I tend to dress edgy in the winter, boho-chic in spring, casual and bummy in summer, and vintage in the fall. There are always different sides to a personality, so dressing for one specific style isn't easy or all that achievable. Dress up according to how you feel; if you're someone with wavering moods, don't be afraid to look different every time. As long as it feels right, wear it.

In a nutshell, dress according to how you see yourself or maybe even who you want to be if you don't quite have a definite sense of self yet. If you do that constantly and incorporate it to your everyday routine (as long as you're completely comfortable with it), you'll grow to be more confident in your own character or the person you've made yourself become. Don't wear a trend just because it's cool and other people are doing it. To put it this way, don't merely "dress to impress." It's honestly one of the sayings I don't live by because I believe that you should dress for yourself, not for others. Wear whatever makes you feel good because it reflects a fragment of who you are, which is something you should be happy to express.

Find yourself through fashion.

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  1. @Karen Roldaan Thank you so much for taking the time to read it!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post about your journey in fashion :) <33

  3. Cool post! I always dress according to my mood.
    I liked how you compared your different styles of every season and your years of high school!


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