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Okay, so how kawaii is this store?! They sell everything for $1.50-$4.00 (mine were all $1.50 for a total of about $36) and they pretty much have a little bit of everything. It's like a cute Japanese 99 cents store! Read more for an in-depth view of the miscellaneous things that I bought.

I got these super girly boxes so I can stuff other random cute things as Christmas presents for my friends. Of course, I won't need to wrap them... I mean they're prettier than any gift wraps I've seen out there! If I were to be given these, I'd keep them for storage... I hope they will, too.

Here's a small part of what I'll be stuffing into the boxes. I have yet to go back and buy the rest of the store. Haha!

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Daiso was to get little aesthetic accessories for my vanity. I was hoping to find acrylic storages, but the one on the left was the closest they had. I don't know what to put in it yet, maybe some of my smaller makeup products. The jewelry holder was totally unnecessary because I recently bought a jewelry dish at Charlotte Russe, but it's just so pretty that I purchased it by impulse. Besides, I really like white decor and I'm trying to accumulate dainty accessories for when I move to Vegas, where I can actually get to have a real vanity set (I currently only use a black, wobbly computer table that doesn't have much space). The third one is a beer glass that I'm using as a brush holder. Lol.

I simply can't leave a Japanese store without buying a crap load of makeup. I've never really purchased Asian cosmetics, so I figured I'd try them out. Plus, their packaging is always so eye-candy that they serve as a display as well. The first one is a set of wet wipes, which I needed since I'm running out of makeup remover. I got a concealer as well, which I tried for the first time this morning. I'm surprisingly amazed by it, so I'll write an in-depth review on my next post. I got a partial eyelash curler, which I am also very happy with. I have yet to try out the falsies and lash glue which I'll definitely do a review on. I also snagged a liquid eyeliner and mascara because... why not. I actually bought doubles of everything because I'm gifting them for a friend who particularly loves Asian cosmetics!

Well, that's it for this haul. I'm certainly going back soon to continue my Christmas shopping and whatnot. 

Thanks for dropping by! 
Stay tuned for a series of reviews on the cosmetics I got. (:



  1. How nice... I wish that we have that store in my country too...

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  2. @Yomi C Yeah, it's pretty awesome (: aw thanks, I'll check it out!


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