Collective Fall/Winter Haul + Try-On!

I know this haul is long overdue since fall's officially over, but many of these can also serve as great transition pieces for winter so I just combined them all in one post. It's probably the biggest haul I've ever done, so I'll just cut to the chase and show you what I picked up these past several months! As stated, this is a collective haul, so these are items that I've accumulated since around August.
Floral Off-Shoulder Top - Pacsun
I've always adored Kendal & Kylie's collections in Pacsun, and I'm glad that I finally got my hands on one of their items. As you probably already know, I can't get enough of off-shoulder pieces, so I bought yet another one, which looks almost exactly like this dress but in a different color and pattern. I'm sure you're all familiar with the saying "If you love something so much, buy it in different colors." ;)

Bullhead Denim Co Skinny Jeans - Pacsun
They were also having a buy-one-get-one deal on all denims, so I got two pairs of regular-rise skinny jeans to prep for the colder season. Here's a try-on of the black ones.
Loose Boho Top - TJ Maxx
I'd typically gravitate towards kimonos and oversized cardigans to complete any outfit, but lately I've been really into loose boho blouses and tunics that I can easily wear as dresses. One of the perks of being petite is that if a top is long enough, I can get away with wearing no pants!
Crop Top - Target
I've been stocking up on basics this past summer because I prefer to keep it super casual at school for the most part. Being in lab every day isn't exactly the best setting to get dolled up in. Here's a loose cropped tee that can be paired with virtually any bottom pieces. I love the boxy fit, the cropped-but-not-too-cropped length, and the dusty rose color which I don't think I have in my closet yet. 
Wanderlust Tank Top - 3for12
3for12 contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out their shirts, and there was clearly no reason for me to decline because who doesn't love free stuff? I actually do believe in the quality of their clothing though despite the crazy cheap prices! It's the perfect site to buy multiple graphic tees and tanks because you only pay $12 for 3 items (hence their name 3for12). If you use the coupon code SD3FOR12, you get another product for free.

Vintage Feather Earrings - IVC
My campus has these little mobile boutiques every Wednesday and I thought I'd drop by and check out some of their accessories. I ended up buying these vintage feather earrings because I can see them going well with many different outfits. They were also super inexpensive and lightweight.

90s Tattoo Choker, Cord Choker - Etsy
It seems like most trends nowadays are being pulled right from the 90s, especially choker necklaces. I always felt like they were a bit gothic for my current taste, but I think they're an interesting way to grunge up any simple outfit. I got these two from Etsy for very reasonable prices, so I highly recommend purchasing from these stores.
Abstract Woven Joggers - Forever 21
After a tedious search for joggers that actually flatter my petite frame, I just took a risk by ordering online from Forever 21 since I never had any luck finding them in stores. Luckily, these are just the right length for my height and the pattern is quite versatile as well, so I definitely see myself wearing these often year-round. They also look quite flattering on less curvy body types because the silhouette gives the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips.
Luisa Devore Paisley Tassel Kimono - Boohoo
I saw this on AlisonLovesJB's summer lookbook and instantly fell in love with the way she styled it. I absolutely adore her fashion sense, so I've definitely gotten a lot of inspiration from her recent outfits. I have quite a broad collection of kimonos but I really don't have anything like this, so I grabbed it while I had the chance during Boohoo's sitewide sale. It's a bit quirky, but that's exactly what attracted me. The print is just stunningly eccentric and the fringes give that bohemian vibe that's just right up my alley. I really wish I waited until Black Friday because it was only $14 compared to the $30 that I paid for.
Carys Chelsea Boot - Boohoo
This is probably my favorite purchase out of everything I've mentioned in this haul so far, or at least my most worn item. I've been on a long hunt to find Chelsea booties and I'm beyond stoked that I finally found a pair at a reasonable price. They're strangely difficult to find here in the States, so I checked out Boohoo, a UK-based online store, and found the absolute perfect pair. They couldn't fit me any better! The delivery was also much quicker than I expected especially for international shipping. I've been wearing them almost every day for the past few months now and they still look brand new!
Flannel - Ross
Nothing can be more fall-appropriate than a good old vintage flannel. It's hard to believe that I don't own a single flannel in my closet, so when I found this at Ross, I immediately grabbed it since it can't get any cheaper than this. It's the perfect outerwear for lazy days because I could just throw it over any outfit or even tie it around my waist for an effortless 90s look.
Navy Crop Top - Fashion Q
This one's clearly an impulse buy because I had no intention of purchasing a little crop top at this time of the year. Since I usually can't leave a store without buying something (terrible habit), I went for this top since the incredibly soft material reminded me so much of Brandy Melville except it was only $4.99! I'll try to make use of it in the fall/winter by layering underneath heavy outerwear just so I didn't buy it for nothing.

Left: Charlotte Russe & Daiso; Right: Forever 21
I can't find a majority of my massive collection of beanies ever since I moved, so I got two basic ones from Forever 21 for $6, a ribbed knit for $2, and another one from Charlotte Russe. I also bought a turban beanie from Daiso because it's guaranteed that I won't find anything like this for only $3! Beanies are an absolute staple in my fall and winter wardrobe, so you'll most likely see them quite frequently on my Instagram.
Knit Over-the-Knee Socks - Charlotte Russe
Just like beanies, I can't call it fall or winter without some thigh high socks. The ones I have are all black, so I thought I'd get a pair in burgundy since it's one of my favorite colors to wear around this season. 

Fringed Lace Kimono - TJ Maxx
Since I don't have a plain black kimono, I thought I'd get this stunning lace one with fringe accents. It's more of a summer night piece because of the sheer material, but knowing southern California's weather, I'm sure I'd need this for those unpredictable sunny days. 
Sadie Striped T-shirt Dress - ootdfash
I felt a bit iffy about T-shirt dresses mainly because they seem like they'd be too long and duster-like on me, but I found this one from for a great price and thought that I might as well try to pull it off. With some thigh high socks, booties, or over-the-knee boots, I think it's a great piece for those warm fall/winter days. 
Mixed Media Jacket - Fevrie
I'm extremely grateful that some fashion/beauty companies still happen to find me and are kind enough to send me their items even though I haven't been blogging all that much. Fevrie is fortunately one of those clothing companies that features styles I can easily play around with. Although street style isn't something I gravitate towards on a daily basis, winter is the perfect time to bust out anything edgy, especially all-things leather. This one's definitely an interesting twist to a typical pleather jacket because it has this lovely velvet detailing. You can found out more about it on a style post I did a while ago! 
Pullover Sweater - Ross
This basic pullover was much needed in my fall wardrobe because it's the perfect piece to lounge around in for those cold, bummy days. The style is very reminiscent of Brandy Melville's Layla Hoodie, so it'd be crazy of me to pass up an $8 dupe. It even feels just as soft!
Off-Shoulder Paisley Top - TJ Maxx
This one's definitely an impulse buy but it's not too damaging on the wallet. It was on triple clearance, so the final price was only $2.50! It may not be convenient at this time of the year, but I can certainly see myself wearing this often in spring and summertime.
Sara Slash Neck Crop Top (size 2) - Boohoo
I had an urge to buy this crop top because I loved the way it fit on the model. I wasn't sure if it would fit me the same way, but I'm extremely happy that it did. No other tank top flatters my frame any better than this, and as you can see, it's super form-fitting which is rare for me since I have quite a small torso.
Banded Back Bralette (S) - Garage Clothing
This one's definitely a summer piece because of the open back, but I needed a black crop top that was a bit longer than my other caged bralettes and this was just the perfect length. It was also on sale on Black Friday!
Cool Cat Illusion Thigh High Tights & Cream Thigh High Socks - Wet Seal
Wet Seal had a buy-one-get-one deal on everything, but I unfortunately didn't find any clothes that I liked so I settled for some thigh highs and tights. I mostly wanted the tights because of the quirky hipster kitties but they're barely visible when I tried it on. I also got white thigh high socks just to add some festivity to my winter wardrobe.
Chunky Knit Sweater - Charlotte Russe
I scored an $18 deal on this sweater on Black Friday, and it's absolutely the perfect winter knit for me. I bought it in L/XL because 1) I couldn't find any other sizes and 2) I prefer my sweaters oversized and almost like a dress. 

I finally got a cartilage piercing after wanting it for so long! It was a bit of an impulse, so I didn't really do my research beforehand. Apparently, there's a huge controversy with the way piercings are done at Claire's, but mine's been healing quite quickly without any complications, so I guess I'm not one of the victims who had developed unusual reactions. Anyway, I definitely plan on getting more piercings, but hopefully just one at a time and preferably a whole lot cheaper than this.
Harem Pants - Ross
I finally found the perfect pair of plain black harem pants after being super picky about the fit. It's no surprise that I found this at Ross because they do have quite a wide variety of pants at exceptionally low prices. I already know that I'll be wearing this throughout winter, especially when it's too cold to wear anything fancy. I find this piece rather interesting because it can tone down a dressy top and spice up a simple outfit at the same time.
Louisa Plunge Push-Up - Adore Me
Adore Me had a huge cyber Monday sale, so I obviously had to take advantage of their $7.95 deal! Their stuff is normally $40+, so this was clearly a great bargain. Plus, who doesn't love a pretty bra? It even came with a matching bottom!
Hollister Vegan Leather Front Jeggings - TJ Maxx
I've been going back and forth to TJ Maxx eyeing this pair of pleather jeggings. I finally took the chance to buy it after seeing the price go down to $12. These are from Hollister, and if you're familiar with any of their items, they're nowhere near being this cheap, so of course being the Asian that I am, I took advantage of the clearance sale. It also came in olive which is what I'm wearing in the photo, but I figured that brown would be more versatile. It's actually super comfortable and easy to put on because the leather part is only at the front. The rest is made of super stretchy cotton!
Velvet Kimono - Ross
If you thought a winter-appropriate kimono didn't exist, it does! This stunning vintage kimono is made of the softest, most comfortable velvet material. It's definitely a unique addition to my closet because I don't really own anything of this material and I don't have too many printed pieces that look truly vintage - and if there's anything more perfect to wear for the holidays, it's velvet. The quality is absolutely impressive especially for the price, so I already know I'll be getting a lot of use out of this throughout the year. 
LF Millau Fishnet Cropped Sweater - Vinted
I recently ordered this cropped fishnet sweater from Vinted which arrived in just 2 days. Crop tops are a year-round essential in my closet, so it's only fair that I buy one in sweater form so I can style my high waisted bottoms more easily. This is from LF which is known to be a ridiculously expensive brand, so buying this for $10 compared to its original $128 price was definitely a bang for the buck. It also came brand new with tags!
Fuchsia Cutout Blouse - Trixxi
Trixxie sent me two items of their choice to review which included a dress and a blouse. I gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of the dress (not pictured), but I think I can work with the blouse to fit my own style. Click here for my latest outfit post!
Michael Antonio Olynn Over-the-Knee Boots - 6pm
Okay, this is the last item, I promise. I've been looking for over-the-knee boots all season, and I came across this heeled pair for only $22 (originally $79), and you know I can't live without my heels and a good bargain, so this happened. I mean, have you seen how expensive over-the-knee boots are especially with heels?! These are definitely worth every penny! I also found a 15% off coupon + free shipping on RetailMeNot, so any momentary regrets I had for impulsively purchasing these boots vanished in an instant.

That's it for this massive haul. I hope it wasn't too exhausting to read. I tried to incorporate as many pictures as I could! Anyway, if you feel like this blog is severely lacking in fashion content (which it is), you can catch up with my style and perhaps get some outfit inspiration from my Instagram (@sondeli) because I try to post my outfits there on a daily basis. I've been very busy with school for the past several months especially because I'm planning to transfer to a university next school year, so I hope y'all understand why there's been a steep decline in fashion-related content... but I'm actually finally done with the semester, which means you can count on more frequent posts again!

Next up: a massive beauty haul! I've got another long read on the way, so stay tuned.
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