June/July 2015 Favorites

Summer session started for me in June, so I haven't had much time to shop, play around with makeup, or even go out to buy new products, but here are some of what I've been loving in the summer so far!
LA Splash Lip Couture in Latte Confession
Starting with a lipstick (of course), here's a brand new one that I added to my ever-growing collection of brown-red shades. It's another one of those fool-proof liquid lipsticks that everyone raves about, with LA Splash's Latte Confession being one of the cult favorites so I obviously needed one for myself especially because it's particularly my kind of shade. I'm actually planning on doing a whole post on my collection of this kind of color because I have an excessive amount of lippies that are pretty much in this exact same shade. Anyway, back to the lipstick - this is definitely the perfect MLBB/Anne Hathaway/Kylie Jenner lip color which I'm clearly head over heels for. It's an incredibly gorgeous mauvey red that's not too muted but not bold at all either. My only beef with it is that it takes forever to set and gets quite tacky and even a little flaky after a few hours, so the formula certainly isn't the best which is pretty disappointing, but I love the shade so it's all good.

e.l.f. Cover Everything Concealer in Yellow
I have a love-hate relationship with this concealer - I hate it because it's super dry and thus difficult to blend, it has unsanitary packaging, and it emphasizes patchiness, but it does fall under my monthly favorites for a single reason - it brightens my undereye area like no other! It makes my eyebags disappear and it highlights my cheekbones in such a stunning, radiant way that I just forget about how terrible the formula is. So, until I find something with amazing consistency and texture and also happens to be a great eye brightener, I'll stick with this one.

Rimmel Lip Liner in Rupture
I've gone through quite a few lip liners from the Rimmel Exaggerate collection already, but this one's in a bolder shade than I would usually get. It's pretty much a bright red which is a color that I never wear on its own, so I always layer a darker mauve or even a nude lipstick on top of it and it turns into - you guessed it - a brown red shade.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation in 104 Golden Beige
I recently ran out of my two holy grail foundations - Mac Pro Long Wear and Covergirl 3-in-1, so I thought I'd try out this new highly raved-about foundation in the drugstore. Nearly all of the reviews I've seen of this product are extremely positive especially from those with oily skin, so I was super stoked to give it a shot. There will definitely be a full review on it, but for now, I'll say that it's truly one of the best ones in the drugstore. Although, the oil control aspect of it fell a little flat for me which I'll expand on later, but one of its best features is definitely the color selection because they have perfect shades for yellow-based skin tones.
Pura d'or Pure and Organic Argan Oil
Areas of my skin have been getting unbearably dry lately, and this Argan oil seems to really help minimize the patchiness. All of my foundations are mattifying and meant for oily skin, so it's always necessary for me to moisturize with some kind of oil in order to eliminate the appearance of cakey application. I typically apply this before I go to bed so that I wake up with smooth, supple skin which can serve as a good base for foundation when I apply it in the morning.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Neutralizer
Remember when I said that the e.l.f. concealer brightens my undereyes like no other? Well, scratch that because I recently bought this cult-favorite concealer and it truly does wonders. I've actually owned one before in Light, but I wasn't too impressed with it because I guess it just wasn't the right shade, but the Neutralizer one is strongly yellow-toned and highlights my undereye area so radiantly. It's definitely my current holy grail eye brightener/undereye concealer!

Tresemme Perfectly (Un)done Weightless Shampoo
I usually don't stray from classic shampoo brands like Head & Shoulders or Pantene, but when I noticed how much more they cost than brands like Tresemme stangely enough, I thought I'd try out a new one and I actually ended up loving this. It smells amazing and actually keeps my hair fragrant for more than a day and it controls oil longer than an ordinary shampoo. I'll have to see what long-term effects it will have, but for now, I'll definitely stick with it for at least a couple months.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Bumble
This arrived only a few days ago but I couldn't wait to include it in a favorites post because I just love it that much. Forget all the lipsticks that I've dubbed "holy grail" in the past because this easily beats all of them! The formula is incredibly smooth, comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting, and it's my perfect everyday lip color. I might actually stop buying lipsticks of this shade now that I've found one that has everything I'm looking for. Look out for an even more in-depth review soon!
Colourpop Highlighter in Lunch Money
Colourpop is easily becoming one of my favorite affordable brands because they offer top-notch quality products for insanely low prices. I mean the liquid lippie above is only $6! Those usually retail for no less than $20 especially with quality that great. Other than their amazing lip products though, I've been eyeing this highlighter for quite some time and I finally got around to purchasing one when I found the coupon code "thanksbabe." Let me just say... this highlighter is nothing like I've ever tried before. The texture is so unique because it feels velvety soft like a mousse and it almost feels wet and slippery because of how smooth it is. The first time I swatched it I thought the powder was gonna break apart (don't worry, it didn't)! The shade is this stunning golden peach that I think looks best for my skin tone, but this photo definitely doesn't do it justice. It's a lot more reflective and radiant in person! I have yet to figure out the best way to apply it though because of the unusual texture, but it's an incredible product nonetheless.
Bullhead Denim Distressed High Waisted Shorts - PacSun
If you haven't noticed, I've established quite a wide collection of denim shorts from just my recent summer haul alone, but out of all the ones I have in my closet (which is unnecessarily a lot), this pair is definitely my favorite. It has just the right amount of distressed detailing, the length makes my legs look flattering and not super skinny, and the fit is overall absolutely perfect which is very difficult for me to find because I'm quite picky with how I want them to fit my thighs and waist. I actually have my aunt to thank for this pair because she bought it for me along with another one when we went shopping one day!
Bohemian Print Kimono - Ross
You guys probably know by now that I pretty much hoard kimonos other than denim shorts, but among my massive variety of coverups, I found myself leaning more towards this one in particular this summer. I guess it's because it just screams boho with the fun summer colors and pattern. Anyway, if you haven't already, check out my full outfit post on this look!

That's all for my summer faves! I'd typically have way more things to show especially for a span of two months, but my summer class is seriously consuming my life right now. On the bright side, I have one week left and it's all over! Then fall semester starts a week later :( I'll try to prepare as much content as I can during that one week vacation though, so I hope you guys stick around!

Thanks for reading!
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