Huge Daiso Haul: Room Decor, Beauty, Etc.

I apologize for being MIA lately. I just moved to Irvine and there's so much unpacking and organizing to do, so I wasn't able to come up with any blog-worthy posts for the past week. Speaking of organization though, I went to Daiso (for those of you who don't know, it's a heavenly Asian store that sells a massive variety of stuff for only $1.50) and got a bunch of knick-knacks and home decor, so keep reading to catch a glimpse of my new room!
I got a couple more cosmetic organizers for my makeup and nail polishes because I never realized how vast my collection has become (at least to me). I got two square quad acrylics for my nail polishes, which happened to fit perfectly in all the slots, and I decided to use the rectangular one for my unused or barely used products and just stored it in my bathroom drawer since my vanity table is already cluttered.
I got this candle holder and ended up using it as a perfume/body spray stand since I'm not much of a candle collector. I also wrapped my flower crowns around it for decorative purposes.
I was pleasantly surprised to find this makeup organizer for only $1.50. These things typically cost $10+, so this was definitely a great bargain!

I've always wanted to have a cork board by my bed to fill it up with nostalgic photos and quirky things that'll remind me of great memories from my adolescence. I wish I would've gotten a much bigger one because I have way more happy things to pin than I ever thought.

I also got hemp twine in a set of three which I'm planning to use to hang some polaroid pictures on my wall and perhaps for other DIY room decor.
But really though, how cute is this eyelash case?! I'm not a fan of pink, but I just had to get this container because I have an overwhelming amount of false eyelashes that I hardly ever use, and I can't just have them lying around on my vanity.

Since many Asian skin care products seem to be highly acclaimed among beauty bloggers, I thought I'd give this nose pore pack a shot. I've tried it once and it feels very refreshing, but it's one of those products that you'll have to keep using in the long-run to achieve remarkable results, so I'll keep you guys updated on how well it works and maybe even do a review if it's worth it!

Some of you already know that I have an obsession with matte products, so this shouldn't be a surprise. I absolutely love how matte nails look, so I got this clear top coat so that I can easily mattify any of my nail colors! It makes my nail polish chip off easily though, but what can you expect from a $1.50 product?
I got a similar-looking pair of tweezers with the one I purchased from Target a few months back because I lost that one in the process of moving. This one's not nearly as great; in fact, it's quite frustrating to use, so I really hope I find my old ones after I'm done unpacking everything.
I am beyond saddened that my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz is almost out. While I gather up some moola to repurchase it, I thought I'd settle for an inexpensive eyebrow pencil for now. It's definitely not a dupe by any means, but it's not half bad.
That's it for this haul! I might head over to Daiso in a few days again to pick up a couple more minor items for my room, probably none of which are too important to include in this haul. Thanks for reading, and I'll catch you on my next one!
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  1. this organiser is great
    and i love this comsetics !


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