Review: Ipsy May 2014 Glam Bag

This review went up a bit later than I had planned because I needed a little more time to gather my thoughts about all the products so that my reviews can be more helpful and accurate. This month's bag initially didn't excite me at all because there was barely any makeup, but I found myself really loving the products!

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask ($12)
I wasn't hoping to get any hair products because I never really use any, but I'm pleasantly surprised that this one didn't disappoint at all. While it's not something I'd purchase myself (it is quite pricy), I'm glad it came with my glam bag because it has done wonders for my dry and damaged hair. I usually have knots falling out whenever I comb my hair, but after using this mask, I was able to comb it very effortlessly and smoothly.
L.A. Fresh Facial Cleansing Wipes ($2.49)
This is probably the worst item they had this month. They shouldn't even include facial wipes because anyone could easily get them at a 99c store. I guess I like the scent, but other than that, it works just like any other makeup remover. 

Jersey Shore Sans Tan Anti-Aging Sunscreen ($12?)
I wasn't looking forward to getting a sunscreen at all because I hate the smell and the feeling of having it on throughout the day. I know it's essential for your skin, but I had yet to find one that doesn't make me feel like passing out, and this might just be the one! It doesn't have that typical sunscreen smell that I really dislike, so I think I'll actually be using this for summer.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up in Medium ($19.99)
When I peeked at my glam room to see which products I'll be getting, this was the only one I was truly  excited about. Not that I need another concealer, but I thought I'd take advantage of it since it's quite above my typical price range. After using it for the first time, it definitely didn't disappoint! The consistency is between creamy and runny which I actually really like because it doesn't cake up like many of my concealers. The scent is definitely prominent, but I find it very pleasant and fresh.
Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Moonbeam and Unicorn ($5?)
A lot of Ipsy subscribers were hoping to get this, but I don't think I need another neutral eyeshadow in my collection. I mean I've already got Naked Basics and the Naked palette, what more do I need? I didn't bother opening the product and trying it out either, so I might just include it in a potential giveaway I'll be doing in the future.

Overall, the total is worth about $50, which I think is an incredible deal. I desperately wanted to try the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer because I've heard amazing things about it, but I'm very pleased with everything I got in my May bag. Anyway, I'll be unsubscribing for a month because I'm moving to Irvine in the beginning of June and I don't want any hassle with the delivery. Hopefully I won't miss any praise-worthy products!

The Ipsy website is currently filled with rage from many unsatisfied subscribers, but on the bright side, the bag itself is super cute!
'Til next time.
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